Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lookit Me!! I'm blogging.....weeeeeeeee!!!!

Yes! FINALLY I have jumped into the blogging waters! I am famous for starting things and never finishing so I am challenging myself to post DAILY (yes, you read correctly....DAILY!!) for 30 days!! Ya'll will either love me or hate me for it.....LOL.

Actually my whole purpose behind this is to motivate myself to actually get some projects done. I have a million crafty ideas racing thru my head....most with the supplies already purchased and lying around just collecting dust. So not cool! So this is my attempt to get things done and share with my friends, my groups, and the Seriously tho, bare with me while I get used to this and learn what I am doing. I will be redecorating my blog home soon and making it look all purdy and stuff :)
I have a few things planned today......there are some challenges out there in digi-land I am wanting to jump into and I will be posting my pages here for you to see I am also challenging myself to get busy creating cards and paper projects.....I have tons of paper supplies that I have done nothing with so I have been blog hopping looking for creative ideas. We'll see what I can come up with before the week is up....
In the mean time consider this my "getting to know you" post. I'm a SAHM of 5 boys. that isn't a typo......really. FIVE!!!! You will be meeting a few of them in a bit cuz I have been promising some of my online pals, like since Christmas Told ya, I am a procrastinator!!!!
So here we go........ready or not here we come!!!!
Ok first up.....obviously this couple is too old to be children. ONE of us DOES act like one from time to time.....I'm not naming names but it's the one who isn't me in this Just sayin :) This is me and Bob! And yeah I do see that goofy grin on his face and I am fairly certian it has something to do with my cleavage being so close to his face......he is such a guy UGH! LOL

This little booger is my 5 year old Jesse. He is in Kindergarten and these are the many awards he got on grade day. WTG Jesse!!! You rock lil dude!! He really struggled at the beginning of the year. he adjusted really well socially but was kinda slow picking up on the academic side of things. Well, this was the second grading period and if I may brag for a second.....he won a trophy as well for MOST IMPROVED STUDENT!!!! I'm so proud and he really deserves it because he has been working so hard to catch up. Didn't help any that he missed a whole week due to having his tonsils taken out this year. But goes to show that hard work and determination goes a long way!!

And this guy is Brandon....he's 9! As you can see he had a pretty big award day too!! I have such smart kids! Must take after thier!

This is what happens when you leave your camera layin around the house unattended. I have a million of these kinds of photos on my This is my 12 year old Steven. He got a hair cut yesterday....I must take a pic and show you...he can see now!!!

Tired of these yet? Just a couple more I promise!!!!

Oooooooh doncha love a guy in uniform???? This is my 14 yr old Jacob. He is in Navy ROTC at school and is a freshman this year. Of all the boys he is the most like He's a good kid tho! I'm blessed that he has given me very little trouble :)

Ok.....last one.......................

Man what awful red eye........mental note to self....edit photos BEFORE posting dingbat!!!! Oh well.....this is Matthew......he is 17 and profoundly Autistic. This was taken at Christmas and I call it his "Bah Humbug" face.......LOL. He was seriously just about over it all. Poor guy :(

So there ya have and my gang! I'll be back tomorrow to share some scrappin mojo with ya!!!

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