Friday, January 29, 2010

Yeahhhh I know I missed a day already!

I'm not good with time management...did I tell ya'll that? LOL

UGH! Yesterday was a booger of a day.  I did however get a couple of pages finished like I yayyyy GO ME!! But here's the thing (it's always something.....) I did 2 pages for blog challenges with templates I downloaded from digifree....which is now craftcrave and AWESOME!! But to get back on track.....I loved these templates so I thought AHA! Just the thing to get my scrappin mojo back! So I did these pages...and rawked them baby!!! (if I do say so myself!!) and get this.....I totally don't know where one of them come from. No joke. WAHHHHHHH! I figured everyone has a TOU in thier download folders right......nuh uh....apparently not.  Geeeze! The other one I totally loved was from Weeds and Wildflowers.  I did the page and was itchin to post it.......and as I am fixin to hit send to put it on site....I see I was supposed to use at LEAST 80% Weeds and Wildflowers products in the creation of my masterpiece. 

So I beat my head on my desk and called it a day......ever have days like that?  But I love these pages so I'm gonna show em off anyway (sticks tongue out)  Ready?

This one is titled "Game Over"  Is this not the picture of sweetness? A sleeping boy and his daddy......awwwwww!!!! Jesse loves to watch Bob play Super Mario  So while he was watching Bob get his game on he konked out.  And yeah I ran and got the camera like any mama would do :) Bob saw the heart at the top and asked "Why does it say Daddy VS Jesse?"  WHAT??? Get out!! Ya'll can tell that it is a heart right??? (nodding your head up and down means yes in East Pfffft! MEN! (rolls eyes) 

The template is from Katie at Weeds and Wildflowers...the kit is Jofia Devoe's "Not very serious" Except for the red middle paper and it is from Amanda Kaye :)

Now this one is wicked huh? This is my 14 year old Jacob....the photo was taken Christmas eve when Santa and his elves were testing toys and batteries.....a very important job ya know!  And he is singing into a Hannah Montana Mic....LOL.  Jesse wanted a mic to pretend to be a wrestler and this is the only one we could find on short's purple and it originally had a big ol Hannah sticker on it.....we peeled it off...bwahahahaha!!!  But despite the fact taht it was a Hannah mic I wanted the page to look really dark and much like somthing a teen would like....Jacob it would matter if he didn'  This one was done with a template that I have no clue who created......sighhhh! The kit is Flergs "Helter Skelter" .  Cool huh ?

So see....I did accomplish a thing or two yesterday!! Today....not so much.  The kids were home from school today because of  FORCASTED snow that didn't hit until around 4 pm......geeeze!! Can you tell that we don't get a lot of snow here in Knoxville? LOL  As I type we are under a winter storm warning and are expected to get 4 to 8 inches of be looking for pix in the morning! I have never seen that much snow here......I have my doubts it will happen but I hope it does, the kids are dying to go sledding and I really need some snow photos for a paper page I wanna throw

That's it for tonight.......where ever you are keep warm and be safe!!

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