Friday, February 5, 2010

BLAH!!! , Frugal Scrapping, Cool sketch, and incoherent ramblings

See that lil fella? That is totally how I look & feel this morning. I even had to double check my calendar to make sure this wasn't a Monday.

I started coming down with a cold a couple of days ago and this morning I have informed everyone of what song I want played at my funeral etc.....Yeah it's THAT bad! Probably just a sinus infection but I think I am PMSing on top of that, so I am NOT of good cheer this morning!

It's raining here in Knoxville and that just kinda fits in with how I feel.  I'd love nothing better than to grab me a good book and head back to bed and hide there all day but I have a meeting at Matthew's school here in a couple of hours, then since this is Friday Jesse gets out of kindergarten at 1pm.  I have some grocery shopping I need to do, plus pick the rest of the kids up and tonight jacob has his first color guard activity at school.  So no rest for the wicked today!!

Last night I mentioned I had come across some really cheap scrapping/card making ideas that I have discovered.  I'm sure I am not the first one to discover these things but I was amazed and thought I'd share anyway :)
  • I have been saving scraps of everything....I mean EVERYTHING!! Check blog post below to see the 2 cards I made last night...on the pink one with the poipped up squares I used the little spongey thing that came on the spindle of a case of CDRs.  I just cut it into 1/4's and it worked perfectly!!! I was out of the little sqaure things you buy at the store.
  • I bought a new border puncher this week and you can see it's handy dandy result in the blue card (also in the post below) See the cute scallop? The scraps from that when put around a photo look EXACTLY like a postage stamp. OMG! Yeah I know...big whoop.  But I don't do well with decorative scissors so I was thrilled with this :)
  • Also on the strips I stamped....I used the same patterened paper I used on the inside of the card...just turned it sideways and it didn't look right.  So I glued it to white card stock to make it pop.  But I was lazy and didn't want to pull out a whole sheet of card stock so I took the little product packaging hang tag from a package of Thickers and glued it to the white side and then glued it down.  Pretty damn clever huh? LOL I also found that in a pinch you can use thickers for adding dimension...we all have some alphas we will never use.  just cut em and use em! It works great!!
I'd love to hear some of your frugal ideas!

The one bright point in this morning is that a new sketch from over at Stuck On Sketches is out.....
Isn't that adorable????? I'm totally getting in on this one! Easy Peasy but so ka-yoote!  I'm thinkin baby LO!

Well that wraps it up......I need more coffee!  I will most likely be scarce this weekend.  Kids ya know....UGH!!! I have only been able to make my cards at night cuz they drive me crazy while I am working on something.  Crafting is supposed to be fun....a stress release...not a "mamacide" waiting to happen!!!  SO I see myself working on my digi stuff this weekend on the other computer in MY  I'm really anxious to get goin for my new CT....yayyyyyyyy!!!  So I'll see ya when I see ya.....catch ya later taters!!

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