Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dum Da Dum Dum! Blog train freebie!!

Morning!! It is still morning right? Kinda sorta?? I'm late....I know (hangs head) But lucky for me the train conductor really likes me and waited for me.....LOL.  All aboard the Project B Blog Train!!!! Bianca let the CT play around with her new kit titled.....Dum Da Dum (ya'll didn't think I made that up did ya???) and we all decided to give you guys a lil freebie!! Now be nice, I am VERY new at fact this is my very first freebie! So please let me know if you like it....just leave me a little comment below.  Heck, leave me a comment even if you don't like it!! How else am I gonna learn to be super scrapper extraordinaire ?? LOL

This cute is super adorable! And it's also S4H approved too so knock yourselves out!! It's available starting today at Sunshine Studios Scraps.

And here is my little blog gift to you.....Um,  cute kid not included, you gotta add your own!!  
(it has been brought to my attention that some of you are having trouble with the link. I just clicked it and its working....BUT I had to copy and paste the addy in my browser bar....hope this helps! If not email me personally and I will get it to ya somehow!!)

Altho if you are seriously ineterested we can probably strike a deal of some  As I said, this is my first QP attempt.....if there are issues PLEASE let me know! It's saved as a PSD with most the layers merged except for the photo you should be able to just slip your pix in and them flatten and TADA!

Be sure to hit all of the talented ladies blogs that worked so hard to bring you this little trip and leave them all some love please!!  Links are below so you don't get lost! (Bianca)

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mom24boys said...

The link is not working....or am I doing something wrong? Thanks