Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

I was blog hopping a little earlier and I had the most wonderful birthday gift!!! Look at what I won from Studio Calico!! 
WOOOO HOOOOO!!! I have been drooling over this ever since I laid eyes on it.  I am so stoked to have won!! I can't wait to get it and play!!! This makes turning 42 almost ok....ALMOST!!!

So my valentines day was nothing special.  The kids are really getting on my last nerve and they are home today as well....and they are talking about snow in the forecast and I just know if a stray dog wnaders thru the neighborhood and pee's in the road and it freezes they will call off school.  You think I'm kidding doncha? lol. 

My trip to Big Lots was a total flop.....I ended up with a tape runner and a notebook to keep by the computer.  Big spender huh?  Oh.....I did grab a $2 inkadinkadoo stamp.  That's it for my big shopping day....but my big win makes up for it :)

Before I go I wanna share my proud mama from Jacob's ROTC winter ball....well bot the ball actually, just him and his girlfriend in formal attire.  Somewhere there are photos from the actual event floating around....I will just need to stake out his facebook or myspace...bwhahahahaha!!!.  Thanks for looking and thank you for all of the wonderful comments on yesterdays post.  I saw I had 6 comments and you woulda thought I won an oscar or  Here we go....picture time!!!

Lookit him with the bowtie!!!

Full uniform....hard to believe he is just 14 isn't it?
And there are a couple of him and Stephanie...sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!

Ok I'm done......ya'll have a good night :)

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