Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhawg day! (longggg post!)

Yup I did spell Groundhawg that way on purpose....I'm a southrn gal remember? I dunno about anyplace else but there is NO WAY that little booger can see his shadow here in Knoxville! We have an icky, rainy morning....if you don't like our weather stick around...it'll change soon enough! I'll prove it......Last thursday.....temp was in the 50's.  Friday the kids are out of school because of a forcasted snow storm that was supposed to hit around lunch time.....well, we all know Mother Nature is indeed a female.....and like most of us she was running late....lol.   It didn't start freezing rain til sometime that night.  Saturday morning we woke up to this .

Now while I admit it is beautiful to look at, no one in this area of the country is used to snow.....at all! So of course the whole city was at a stand still.....yeah go ahead and laugh at us ya'll northern folks! 

The kids LOVED it!! here are some photos of them in the snow :)  (ya'll know I love to share photos!)

So other than play in the snow we just chilled all weekend.  Then yesterday morning there was a 2 hour school delay which totally threw my routine off.  Not to mention that our drive way is uphill....and it was iced over and took me 15 minutes to get up that stupid hill!  All the main roads are clear.....then we get the little ones to school first.  Thier road is still iced over....not to mention the sidewalk  around the school.  What is up with that? Kids are slip slidin everywhere and cars are getting stuck and sliding towards us....no accidents, praise God, but un-nerving nonetheless.

From there we drop my middle schooler off....thier driveway and parking lot is the same way. Ohhhh but get this.....the did have the track TOTALLY cleared for workouts. Nice to see they have thier priorities in order (rolls eyes)

Next is one of my high schoolers....we get him there without a glitch cuz his school had the sense to clear thier parking lot!!

This is all within one mile of our house and it took me 45 minutes to get them all to school and for me to get home.  CRAZY!!!  Matt rides the bus to his school so he was fine.

I get home and complain to Bob about the driveway.......he goes out to throw salt and sand down and falls in the driveway and gets skinned up pretty bad.  Also most likely has bruised ribs cuz his side is hurting like the dickens.  Now this wouldn't be such a big deal if not for the fqact that Bob had hernia repair surgery last may and we have been battling one health issue after another since then.  He had a pulmonary embollism and then an abcess that left him with a hole in his belly the size of the grand canyon...he has a machine called a wound vac that is supposed to help it heal faster but its not.....we have an appt with a new surgeon today to see what can be done.  But because of that I was worried sick he might have popped something loose....cuz his original hernia repair was in 2008 and he busted it loose last march....also falling in the driveway......geeeze!

So that was my past few days in a nutshell.....LOL.  Ain't ya glad you ain't me???

So I was really tickled this morning to log on and see I had been picked as winner of  the Feb follower challenge at Fred She Said ! WOOO HOOOO!! I think my prize is a free digital stamp. I am on a streak.....that is 2 blog gifty thingies in less than a week!!! It sure takes some of the BLAH out of my day :)

I never got to hit Hobby Lobby so I am heading there later today! LOOK OUT WORLD!! I will be back later tonight to post my goodies I bought and share a couple of digi layouts I posted over at Sweet Shoppe!

Ya'll have a good day!

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