Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth..... just seems that way!!

We are dealing with one heck of an upper respitory bug at my house.  Jesse came down with it first, woke up yesterday morning with a fever of 101.8.  I had to run to the store and look for tylenol and cough syrup and hope I didn't have to run to the ER before I could get him seen by our dr.  Then at noon yesterday Brandon calls home saying he is I go and pick him up too.  Then Steven comes home and he is feeling crummy. UGH!!!!!

So both Jesse and Brandon had appts today.  They are both home the rest of the week and on antibiotics. Steven is feeling "better" but doing a lot of coughing, I have it and bob is coming down with it and has an appt tomorrow.

I tell ya, this is exhausting.....LOL.  Everyone is sick and whiny and wanting mom to baby them....never mind that mom is sick too.

So all day today I have been running around like a chicken with my head chopped off....and I am pooped!  So many challenges I still want to do.  There is a blog train coming up this weekend that I have gotta create something for, plus CT duties for 2 kits I have been putting off.  I need more hours in the day.....LOL.  Creating is like therapy to takes my mind off of other things for a while and I can kinda just zone out into my own little world.  Ya'll can relate I'm sure :)  I am MUCH happier and MUCH nicer when I get my creative time.....just ask  So tomorrow I am gonna lock my door and hide out and create all day and let someone else be mom a while....hehehehe. Yeah he is gonna just LUVVVVVVV that (bwahahahaha)

So check back tomorrow....same bat time.......same bat channel!  Hopefully I will have something cooked up for ya!

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