Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just a quick reminder....Project B Designs CU grab bag and new kit Release TODAY!!

Morning Blog peeps!!!

Just wanted to give ya'll a quick heads up that today Project B Designs is releasing a brand spankin new CU grab bag over at Sunshine Studio Scraps.  Bianca (for some reason I typed Beyonce first......LOL....need more coffee!!!)  is wildly talented (so is Beyonce BTW.....sing it everyone.....All The Single ladies.....) Um......where was I?? OH!! As I was saying before Beyonce so rudely interupted my thoughts......Bianca is wildly talented so I KNOW this will be a great buy today! And dont forget to check out her newest kit as well cute!!!

It's an awesome collaboration with Connie Prince....perfect for those photos of your little ones. (check back later cuz I am gonna get to play with this one today!!!) And for the next 7 days you can get the alpha totally FREE with purchase!! So there is incentive to buy NOW!!!  I just love the little leaves on the alpha :)  And check it out......they are S4H Friendly!!!

Ok....back to your regularly scheduled programming....Peace!!!

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