Friday, February 5, 2010

Justa quickie! And FTL #76

Omgosh I am so's way past my bedtime but I really wanted to get a couple of cards posted.  This is a challenge over at Clean and Simple Stamping.  It's amazing how such a cute simple card can go oh so  I apparently can't do simple.....go figure.  But here are my attempts anyway...see if they look even marginally like the sketch and let me know.

Cute isn't it?

Look what I did to the poor thing : (

In case you can't read it the front says "I am snow grateful" .............the inside says "you are my friend"  Took me FOREVER to stamp that all out cuz little hands around my house have wandered away with half my alpha stamps.....g.rrrrrrr!!!!  Then I couldn't help myself....I am a woman posessed when it comes to adding more and more embellies.  Kinda cool for scrapping.....kinda cluttered on a card.

Ok, then I thought....I need to redo this. (glutton for punishment) So I went with pink this time.....

along with a shot from the side to show you that I did add some scraps to make the squares pop.  When I am more awake I will tell you all of my frugal (cheap) things I used to put this together, you will just die laughing I know it....I really should write a redneck scrapping/card making

Ok that's it...I am TIRED!!! Night ya'll.....night John boy!


Heather P. said...

I think they turned out great! The first card is my fave, I love the colors and all the little details you added!

Thanks for playing along with the FTL! :)

Natasha said...

Both of these are absolutely fabulous!