Tuesday, February 9, 2010

rain, rain go away!!!

I swear!! What is it with rain this winter???? I think we have had more rain this winter in East Tn than we did all of last year! I am kinda dreading when spring comes....ick!!! Of course I know a lot of ya'll are neck deep in snow so I shouldn't complain.  But then again I kinda like snow!!! Probably cuz we see it so rarely.

Well, in addition to the dreary weather I have a sick kiddo at home.  Poor lil Jesse, my 5 year old.  I got a call yesterday to come pick him up from school as he had a temp of 101.  Gave him some tylenol and some cough medicine and he slept most the rest of the day.  Our school system has a policy that anytime a child is sent home with a fever they can't return until the fever has been gone 24 hours without the use of meds.  So even tho he is feeling better today he is chilling on the couch right now, eating me out of house and home, watching SpongeBob. Luckily he can pretty much keep himself amused AND out of trouble (unlike his older brothers...go figure) so I should be able to get my normal , everyday chores and things done.

Jacob came home yesterday with his dress iniform for the ROTC winter ball. Bow tie and all!!! I can not wait to see him in it!! Watch for photos this weekend.....his g/f also has a gorgeous gown that her mama paid $150 bucks for......this is why I am glad I have boys!!!!!  But she is gonna be stunning :)  I think I am more excited than they are.....my babies are all growing up!!!!!!

I had a great mail day yesterday!!!! I recieved my prize package from Art Freckles!!! WOW! I was blown away!!! Check out the goods!!!

Isn't it GORGEOUS?????? The kit is called "Life is beautiful"  and I am totally in love with it!!  It's so pretty I am almost afraid to even use it...I just wanna frame some of the papers.....LOL.  I am also totally diggin those felt and button flowers!!!  They have an ETSY shop  as well as a  blog so check them out.  And get this.....my package came all the way from Ontario, Canada and made it to Knoxville, Tn in less than a week!!!! Unheard of!!!! So not only is thier product to die for they are super fast shippers too!!!

I did pick one paper to play with yesterday......just one......lol.  For FTL 77 at Clean & Simple Stamping

The stamping didn't show to well in the 2nd card ...it looks a lot better in person :)

That's it for this morning.....be back later to share more scrapping, yapping, card making, mess making, goodness!!!



Frances said...

Hi Tina ... I didn't realize you had a blog! What a wonderful discovery! Notice that I am now your follower! Thanks so much for visiting mine and for leaving some love. I love going to a posting and seeing that there is actually a comment there! Good grief. Egos! It's just that anything in life is so much more fun and meaningful when it is shared. Hugs to you ... and I'll be back!

Heather P. said...

These are all so pretty!!

Natasha said...

Cute cards!!