Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some days it doesn't even pay to get out of bed

Know what I mean?

I am feeling really out of sorts today.  I do have a LO to share but I am gonna whine a bunch feel free to scroll down....

The day started pretty good but kinda fizzled out on me.  About midmorning I went blog hopping and found a sktch I had completed 2 nights ago and literally slaved over because it was totally not my style....well I missed the sketch challenge date because I forgot to upload biggie, just more annoying than anything.  After all we scrap for ourselves and not the prizes or the glory right?  I am having a REALLY hard time remember things lately.  I'm not "that" old so I m pretty sure its not age related CRS......(CRS=can't (ahem) probably either a medication issue or just plain ol stress.  It just makes me feel as tho I am losing my mind.  And I only have a loose grip on my sanity as it

Then as the day wears on I start to feel crummier and crummier.  Like I felt the other day jacked up a few notches.  Headache, sore throat, stuffy nose.....grouchy. Yeah me....grouchy....go figure (rolls eyes)  After I get the kids home and get dinner fixed for everyone I dozed off on the couch.  Woke up feeling Mother Nature is gonna deliver that stupid red box any second.  Have ya'll seen those commercials? (shakes head)  So now I am crying every few minutes and according to my significant other I am also yelling.  I don't realize I am yelling  but he says I am so it must be true. So we have a fight over, of all things a sandwich.....he is going to make one and then decided he doesn't want to make a grilled cheese sandwich because the bread is frozen.  In my mind....ok, the bread thaws out while it is cooking, whats the deal? He says he doesn't want to fool with it and I am still trying to fiugre out why one way is so different from the other and then BOOM we are yelling at each other.  So I told him I would just shut up since I can't say anything right.......and now he is in the bedroom and I am sitting here, in the dark, still crying.  UGHHH!!!!

Yeah I know....I'm a big baby!!

Plus I am aggravated that he was less than enthusiastic when I showed him my CT layouts from this morning's post.  He's a guy I should cut him some slack I know.......they don't understand this kinda thing.  But this was the first set of CT LOs I put together and I was REALLY wanting my boss to like em ya now I am all insecure and stuff.

Anyway, there is my rant for the day.  I don't do this often I  Stupid hormones!!!!

So.....since I already have this one put together I want to share one I had ready for Sketchy Thursday
I'm still learning to photograph a 12 x 12 so there is some glare on it plus all of the papers have foil on them.
Everything here is from DCWV Grade School pack.  Kinda "busy" for me" but it's growing on me! The little bracket is a Stickabilities sticker and the title is done in Thickers.

So that's it......if you made it this far I thank you......and if not I don't blame you.....LOL.  I'm off to find a sketch or card to do before bed to help me unwind.....I'm sure a good nights sleep will make everything better in the morning!!


Frances said...

Awwww, Tina ... I'm sorry you were having such a crummy day. I think every single one of us women can relate to every single thing you said. Crying in the dark, husband not understanding, feeling insecure, etc., etc. It's good to share when you have days like this. Makes you more "real". Your layout is awesome. I haven't done any paper scrapping in so long, I've almost forgotten that there IS such a thing. Digital is so much easier. But when you finish with a paper scrap, you actually have something to hold in your hands. And there's certainly something to be said for THAT. Congratulations on the CT work. I know your boss is going to love anything you do. Hope today is much better and that the crummy days are few and far between. Hugs to you ...

Justine said...

I hope things are better. PMS sucks!!! I have told my hubby a few times that if he would like, I could arrange to give him a few shots of estrogen just to see how he likes it. I certainly know the frustration of laboring over a challenge entry and then miss the deadline, hmmmmmm which is why it is after 1 am and I am still sitting here. LOL Loved the blog entry let's me know I am not alone