Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sundayyyyyy!!

So, did your team win??? Personally I am not much on football.  My sons however were about to fight over the  One was for New England, the other for Indianapolis. Total and complete  I'm just glad the hoopla is over and I don't have to watch any more weekend football  YAYYYYY!!!

I am feeling MUCH better today! I have been eating sudafed like they are lifesavers and they are finally doing the trick! Now everyone else has got I busied myself with challegne projects today while everyone else coughed and sneezed and snotted everywhere....lovely visual I 

Also some GREAT news! I just made another CT!! Thats 2 baby....count em....T-W-O!  I am really excited.  Not sure I can give away all the details just yet but I will say this is a hybrid position.  Very cool!!!  I get to show everyone that THINKS they don't need to do digi because they do paper just how the two really can work together.  Fun stuff!!  I'll keep ya posted on the details :)

Ok....on to challenges!!!

This first one is from the Allsorts challenge blog and is challenge #38.  So much fun and TOTAL creative freedom here! The challenge was simple to create any kind of project you wanted as long as it was distressed and included buttons and bows.  This is what I came up with.
I just love it!!! Not sure what the heck I am gonna do with it yet I thought about using it as a tag on a vase of dried roses......I think that would be soooo pretty!!!  The whole house thought I was nuts as I was doing this little taggie.  I cut my tag out of cardstock that was super white....punched the hole and added the re enforcer then dipped the whole thing in leftover coffee from this morning.  Several times.  LOL.  I dried it with the blowdryer and then added the phrase that was a rub on from Daisy D's.  I inked the edges with red and black and smeared it really well.....glued a little flower and button, and added the beautiful bow that I saved from last Valentine's day :)  LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!

Project 2 comes from truly scrumptious challenges and this is the sketch   Adorable little card sketch!! Again one of the requirements is (drum roll please) Buttons and Bows!!! Didn't see that one coming at all did ya? LOL So here is my take on it.....the paper will look very familiar! I had the scraps from teh one I did the other day so I figured why not.....LOL.  The photo does not do this card justice.  And I am not saying that cuz it's me, I am my own worst critic!! My 5 and 9 year old were flabbergasted that thier own mom could do this.....I guess I am known around here just as the lady who washes thier underwear.  It's being saved to send out to a friend of mine.  I think she will love it!

So that's it!  I may do one more before I go to bed but ya'll gotta wait til tomorrow to see it :)

And before I go one more thing.....a great big thank you to those that are kind enough to leave me a comment!! You don't know how happy that makes me, honestly!  I have known for years that crafters are the coolest people....and it's really a kick to know someone likes something I thank you for that!!

Hugs to everyone....and brace yourself, monday is peeking around the corner at us!!!



brenda said...

Morning Tina

Totally agree, how pretty your tag would look on those roses. Coffee does work well doesnt it, I use it for paining sometimes as well, give a sort of faded out vintage look.

Thanks for joining in the fun at Allsorts this week.

B x

Lisa said...

Hi Tina, This is fab! I also think it would look so pretty on a vase of roses.

Thanks for joining us at Allsorts.

Lisa x