Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warning!! Very photo and word intensive post.....LOL

I swear.....whatever this bug is that we have all had just will NOT go away!!  The past few days I have been a little run down, and my head feels like I ahve it stuck in a barrel....everything kinda sounds like that as  Well at 4am I woke up with my ear popping, cracking, making gurlging noises and hurting like
&()*)&^(^^_!!!! (feel free to invent your own swear word and insert there) Took some ibuprophen and got enough relief to go back to sleep and then when I woke up this morning......MAJOR pain!! I have been in bed for all exept for about 3 hours today. was definately a "do it, fix it, and cook it" yourself kinda day!  The only reason I am even up now is because I had some CT commitments I needed to honor and I am still not done (sigh) That's what I get for waiting until the last minute.  Hopefully my bosses will have mercy on me because I have either been sick or caring for sick people a huge chunk of this past month.

Lots of people left very sweet comments on my blog yesterday and today and I thank you!  I haven't told Jacob yet he has a "fan" he would be impossible to live with!! LOL But yup....he is a very handsome boy :) And not just saying that cuz I am his mama  He's also a really good kid.  I'm blessed that he hasn't given me any "real" trouble so far.  Just typical teenage boys stuff.  BTW they are way worse than teenage girls when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere......who woulda thunk it!!!! That boy primps and carries one for at least an hour before he is ready to go out the door.  What can a boy do with his looks in an hour??? And he always looks the same whether he just woke up or has spent that hour of his life in the john! I don't get it (shrugs)

We had family drama today.....imagine that!! LOL......Bob has been aggravating Steven (my middle kiddo) by photoshopping him into weird situations and setting them as the desk top on the computer.  Todays example was Steven's head on a nasty toe and titled fungus among us......LOL.  Steven doesn't find these cute however.  And ya'll thought I just had 5 children.  The 42 year old one is by far the least mature!!! LOL

Ok.....nuff of my rambling, I have a few LO's to share with ya'll!

First up is a traditional paper LO for a challenge at Sketchy Thursdays. This is the sketch (look down)
LOVED it!! Very clean and simple which translates into "easy for Tina to do" LOL.  And I got to use my new Studio Calico Anthology collection that I was lucky enough to win a week or so ago over on thier blog!! Before I post the photo let me tell ya......they have the neatest thing EVER included with this collection! It's called a "Fabrip" it's patterened sticky fabric that tears like paper and adheres like a sticker. I really dig it!! And I used it on this LO and EVERYTHING comes from that collection......

This photo is Brandon and Jesse in our yard last summer in a rare moment of brotherly love.  The fabrips I used I cut into 4 inch strips and they are atop and beneath the photo.  The little labels were a whole sticker....I just cut the individual words out and stuck them on to take up some of the empty space in teh photo.  I'm really happy with the way this one turned out!! And I am loving all of the LO's I am getting done too.  I haven't paper scrapped in years.  I am just getting back into it and loving it.  I didn't realize way back when I first started doing it there were blogs and things for sketches and inspiration.  I'm so glad I have found ALL of you!!!

Ok next up are my digi creations!

Project B Designs has this great collaboration effort with Connie Prince called  Watche Me Grow.  For the rest of this week if you purchase the kit you get the alpha free.  And it is adorable!!!  Saturday it goes on sale in the store si if you like it get it now while its free!!

And here are my LO's using the kit!!

Next up is SgD Designs. I know I haven't mentioned a lot about her but you REALLY need to check out her store!! I am totally floored at how low her prices are.  And you can grab a club membership as well and DL ALL of her great designs for free!!

Here are a couple of LOs using her Wedding Collection.  I was really stuck for days trying to figure out what to scrap with these and then it hit me.  My son Jacob's Navy JROTC Ball Photos!!! So here are a couple with him and his G/F Stephany.

Font on this one is Lamar Pen and both LOs are created in PS CS3

So there it is! I'm tired.....LOL.  All of my digital LOs were created TODAY!  Don't let anyone tell you that digital isn't "real" scrapbooking or isn't labor intensive cuz it sure can be!  I still ahve a few more to make tomorrow and try to get caught up.  I am also gonna attempt to show you how easily you can create some really CUTE hybrid projects with digital kits!  We'll see how I feel.  If I can drag my tail outta bed it's a done deal........if not, well...ya'll know why.....LOL.

Have a great night!


Stephanie said...

Hey Tina!

You poor thing...I hate being sick!! I hope you're feeling better soon! And when you are, you should consider showing Steven how to use photoshop...maybe a little payback will make him feel a little better :)

I absolutely LOVE the spring layout w/the photo of the gorgeous! the colors are perfect & I love the pieced photo!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's interessting but frankly i have a hard time seeing it... wonder how others think about this..