Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We're over the hump!!! (now what????)

The weekend is almost here so it's all down hill from here folks!!

With just a couple of exceptions this has been a great week! Well, excluding Monday...but then Mondays don't count....LOL.  Seriously, I have had such a run of luck I feel like I should go buy a lottery ticket or something....maybe even check and see if my ex has paid child support this month!! chances of winning the lottery are better!

This is my first blogging week.  My goal was to blog every day for 30 days.....not happening in this house! I have a teen that stays glued to myspace and another who games and youtubes CONSTANTLY! Boys, cmon now...give Mom back her puter!!!! But I have done pretty well.....longer than everyone in the house thought when they heard me say "Hey...I think I'll blog!" Yeah right.....Mom has another crazy itch to do something and it will last all of 10 minutes.  Oh ye of little faith!!!! I'm enjoying's kinda like talkin to myself without the funny looks from  Face it, if you are a mom you are used to that :)

I am getting off track here.....(severe ADD....oh look a bunny!!!)

My string of luck...yeahhhhh thats it!!

OK....welp, this week I have won goodies on 2 different blogs and a yahoo group! Now, that is normally enough right there to get me fired up.  But there is more!!!!!

I won a spot on the CT for SGD! WOWZERZ!! Did ya'll feel the earth move? That was me doin my happy dance! I am very excited and honored to be a part of the team.  So be watching this month for lots of LO's using thier great digiscrapping goodies!! Go visit them...NOW!! RUN!! can put the scissors down first :)  They have a great forum with lots of cool challenges and freebies (that gets everyone's attention!) Fun stuff I tell ya!!! Seriously, I am itching to get started and meet everyone over there :)

Yeah I know the smilies are probably getting annoying by I can't help it!!

Ok....I am getting in on this card sketch by the skin of my's not totally done yet, but I gotta post it to be eligible for the challenge. As far as I know they are not mind readers over at The Butterfly And The Bullfrog. So here it goes...

This is the sketch .......Portrait card Sketch #7
And this is my take on it
My plan is to use MME rub on letters on the tag to say "It's No Joke Valentine" Open it up and it there are 2 more cards inside...a king and queen of hearts. Then cut out little paper strips and stamp "Our Love Is In The Cards!"  yeah i know....CORNYYYYYY! But that's what Valentines day Supplies used here are pretty basic.
  • The cardstock, papers and the tag are all from The Paper Studio (good ol Hobby Lobby's el cheapo
  • The cards I had laying around the house. 
  • The ribbon I picked up today at Dollar Tree along with the ink pad I used to grunge it up a bit to go along with the papers (told ya I am CHEAP!!)

And let me tell ya...this is the heaviest card ever!! I'm glad I'm not mailing it.....LOL.

Thanks for lookin and letting me ramble! Good night and God Bless!

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Vanessa VH said...

Really cute!! Sorry I spaced and didn't know you posted the link on my blog.. I want to keep up to date more on it.