Saturday, March 27, 2010

Can you hear me now? (couple of challenges)


Yeah I know....long time no blog.  Bad, bad Tina!!! No excuses, or at least not any good ones.  I could make up a wonderfully convincing story about how I was abducted by a band of psychotic Ommpa Loompa's or something.......well now that I think about it it may not really be all that convincing.....Hmmmm.  Maybe I better rethink this whole thing....

In all seriousness I have been a bit under the weather.  Not exactly sick.....just kinda hiding under the covers til way past noon and not getting anything done.  I have had zero motivation to do much of anything.  I'm feeling better today tho so watch out.......ain't nobody safe now...bwhahahahahaha!!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school for the Bugg's (my kids).  Spring break is officially here! Not sure how I feel about that just yet....ask me on  Today it is eerily quiet.  Jacob is at a friends house and most likely will be spending the weekend.  Brandon is spending the next week at my Mom's in Ky.  Bob is off in Oak Ridge for a shooting match so it is just me, Steven, Matt and Jesse.  And wouldn't ya know it I got  ton of stuff to do today too.  My house is a wreck.  We can barely get in the bathroom due to the pile of laundry.  Wait....pile implies it can be done in a load or so.......MOUNTIAN of laundry!!!  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed so in all honesty I may get nothing done today  Yeah, I'm awful :)  But what the's just laundry!! It'll still be there tomorrow.  Trust me, I have waited all week for it to get up and walk off and it hasn't happened yet.....danggit!!!

I have missed lots of great challenges in blogland this week (pouts).  But I have been looking around and there are still lots of great ones!!  I feel like I can actually create something today!  I have gotten 2 of my prize packages this week and I am psyched to cut into them!!  I got the Scrap That Poetry prize, which was some Cosmo Cricket stuff from the "Scuba" line I think........and a great batch of stuff from a Sketchy Thursday. 

Well enough rambling......I have a couple of challenge pages to share with ya'll.

First up is the 52 x 52 blog week 11 blog challenge . I just found this blog  Looks like great fun and I will be joining more of these :)  This weeks challenge is to create a birthday layout using polka dots and a heart. And this is my creation.....
I took "birthday" seriously....this is Jesse at just about an hour old :)  And it's a digital LO.  I worked really hard to make it look like paper. The whole page was created with digi freebies.

*Papers and MOST elements:Sweet Tomato freebie "The Prince" addon.

*The blue belt:Robin Penn "Laugh At Life"
*HeartLove Doodle: Fei's Stuff
*Font is DJB MISH (this is not a word art but something I just thunk up :)

Next up was for The Scraproom's weekly challenge  which was to use circles. 
Yeah another one of  Jesse likes to put numbers with the things he likes....kinda like he is rating  He tells me he loves me "Fiveteen" which is apparantly a lot when you are  Someone supplied me with the quote "Sometimes someone says soemthing really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart" An awwwww moment for sure :)

*Kit is KItty Designs Mushroom adorable!
*Font is Julies

And that's all I got!!! I'm gonna try to play some today......and get some cleaning done....UGH!!! I have missed blogging and chatting with ya'll!!!!

Have a great saturday!!


Deanna said...

Great layouts! I'm having so much trouble getting in a 'zone'! I guess I need to do some challenges to get me moving. Thanks for sharing!!

CraftyGirl said...

Both layouts are fabulous!! There is nothing like a newborn sleeping baby... awwww!!
Barb :)

Frauke said...

Thanks for playing along ! I like your "Birthday layout"
Frauke ( 52x52 DT member )

Fern said...

WOW Tina, the first layout of Jesse is just sooo sweet and beautiful!!! What a precious moment to scrap and I luv the design.. I would have to say you must have found you mojo gf on this one!!!
And I luv, luv lov the colors and the little details on the second one, but most of all I love the journaling!!! Super awesome!!! XXXXX

Jenn :) said...

Glad you found 52x52!! You did a fantastic job with the challenge and I LOVE that you took it literally..way to think outside the box!! :) Hope to see you play again soon!!

Marlene said...

Gorgeous layouts!!! I, too have been rather unmotivated and have to tackle a mountain of laundry myself!!!

(P.S. Don't shoot the messenger, but "their" is spelled incorrectly on your first layout. Yeah yeah, they call me the spelling police!)

Fern said...

Hi Tina, hope you're having a good or at least an alright week!! I can't belive that I missed one of the challenges!! lol.. Thanks!!!! :o) XXXXXX

Brandi said...

Great pages! Love that you found us at 52 x 52! Hope that you'll play every week!

Sarah said...

gorgeous layout!

i love that flower!

thanks for scrappin that baby