Sunday, March 28, 2010

(grumble grumble)

Mornin......notice I didn't say GOOD morning????   I'm awake and not happy about it.....8am on a Sunday? This just ain't right! But on the bright side, I can get my blogging done and some computer time in before everyone else gets up.

It was LATE when I got to bed last night.  Actually I should say this morning.  I was up til around 2 playing on facebook.  Addictive I tell ya.  Then took me forever to get Bob to give me some room in bed.  He had the whole thing hogged up.....grrrrrr.  I just settled in and was drifting off and I hear BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! I'm like "what in the world????" His wound vac machine was beeping.  So we had to get up and deal with that.  He tells me the stuff is in here in teh living room so I stumble down the hallway....get about to the kithcne and he tells me it's in our room after all. (sigh) We get that dealt with and at 6 am I hear Jesse crying.  He's mad cuz he wants someone to sleep with him since Brandon is at Mom's for spring break.  Funny, he doesn't want to share a bed....just wants to know that someone else is in there.  So I grab my pillow and stuff and bunk down in thier room and now he is in the mood to chat.  And then Matt gets up.

What is wrong with people??????

Matt has Autism and severe OCD.  this is gonna be a long week for us all.......he already senses that something is different and was a real pain yesterday.  Of course I realize he can't help it.  But until you have lived with someone who wants to rearrange EVERYTHING or tried to run you down to get to a counter just to scoot something a quarter of an inch......very unnerving. 

So I got him and Jesse fed and here I sit with my caffiene IV drip going.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  I feel a nap coming on at some point today, no doubt!

Today is also day 4 of my millionth shot at Weight Watchers. So everything is compounded by the fact that I am going thru junk food  I am waking up in the middle of the night with my stomach kidding.  A couple of years ago I lost 80 lbs with WW.  But I am a stress eater.  I wnet thru an ordeal with my that laid me up for quite a while and still causes me problems, then Bob had his hernia surgery and all of the complications he has had over the past year with it. So to deal I ate.  And I love to cook. 

So I am trying to take control of my eating and get my big butt back into my summer  And posting it here makes me somewhat more accountable. 

I have a feeling I am rambling and it isn't really flowing well.  Coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet.

I have a couple of challenge pages to share with you this morning that I completed yesterday.  I can't say my mojo is back yet.....for such simple pages these were kinda difficult for me.  Thank goodness for sketch challenges or I'd still be sitting looking at uncut paper and photos!  I do really like one of them tho.....I am getting better about journaling.  My pages are starting to feel naked without it. 

First page is for the  Bonus Friday Sketch over at the Scrappiest.  I am trying to catch up with all of thier sketches for the month.  LOL...yeah good luck with that Tina!!!!  This is the sketch...sketch #53

And this is's titled Seein Spots......because this is Jesse at 4 months of age....with chicken pox......LOL.  his grandmother (Bob's mom) had the shingles.  And none of us realized that the shingles and chicken pox are the same virus and you can catch chicken pox from someone who is having a breakout.  Poor  But the good thing is it didn't faze him.  He was such a happy little spotted  And we picked on Bob's mom and called her Typhiod  She didn't see the humor in it :)

It's hard to see in this photo, but I spotted the white thickers with a red marker.  I just love the bright colors here.....these are some of my new papers I won from Scrap that Poetry :)  I told you the wrong collection ysterday.......this is Cosmo Cricket's SNORKEL!!  I think I said  Well, at least it's in the same ballpark :)  The bright blue cardstock is from American Crafts. And I used plain ol office file labels for journaling.

Next is a new challenge blog I found....The XOXO Girls.  This is thier challenge #6 and its a scraplift challenge.  the challenge is being sponsored by Generations Crafting and the winner will get a Bo Bunny kit!! So yeah, I'm all over this 

I chose this layout by Sarah Nolan called AH.

I love EVERYTHING about the LO!!  I didn't lift her exactly.  I tried to make the layout my own but still took a lot of inspiration from hers.

And I just realized I lost a button at the top of my LO.  UGHH!!!  I used kraft cardstock...which I am LOVING!! I gotta get more :) I have no clue what the flowered paper was part of a prize pack from Art Freckles.  The greenish paper is from Daisy D's.  Ribbon is also from Art Freckles, letters are Paper Studio flocked velvet, buttons are just stuff I had around the house but I guess i could get away with calling them "vintage" since they belonged to Bob's mom and she has stuff still in this house thats older than  The journaling around the edges is just simply typed on plain white card stock and ripped and glued.  I also edged the photo with a white pen....not that it shows there ya have it.  They have a killer DT over there and you can enter this challenge as many times as you wish using a different LO to lift.  I'm gonna play around some more today I think :)  At any rate I really like this one.  It's been a while since I was happy with a LO.

So there ya have it! Ohhh and I did manage to get some cleaning done 

See ya'll later on.......HOPEFULLY with more stuff to share with ya!!!


Fern said...

Poor baby!!! But then again it may be the perfect time to get chicken pox, so that don't scratch sooo much!!! Love the Title it's perfect!!!
And I hear you about family!!! I went through a tough time with my mother, and it took me awhile to get over it!! You did a fantastic job with this scraplift challenge! Love the journaling around the edge!!!!
BTY I hope you survive this next week.. and keep me posted on your WW, I soooo need to do something but I just don't know what, yet!!!:o) XXXXX

{Sarah} said...

Wow love it!! Love your take on my layout!! That border is soooo cute!! Thanks for playing with us! =)