Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Wow long time no blog....or at least it seems that way!! Believe it or not I am STILL not over this stupid bug!! I do feel sooooooo much better tho!! I think from Sunday or Monday I slept thru most of the week.  Seriously.  I'd get up and occasionally check blogs and email and then go right to bed because it exhausted me.  Sad huh? Yesterday I managed to make it thru the day with just one nap!! And it was just an hour or so as opposed to an all day, hibernating kinda sleep.  I still have a LOT of sinus drainage down the back of my throat so I am constantly going AHEM!!!! People think I am trying to get thier attention so in a way its humorous...I have a weird sense of humor like that :)  I have an ear infection in both ears.....can't hardly hear a darn thing....which at times in this house is a blessing but it is really starting to annoy everyone because they have to YELL so Mom can hear them.  Oh well :)

So it's Friday....and I am itching to do some challenges and get caught up.  Does anyone read the the Daily Dare? I love her blog! I am finding more and more blogs to follow and challenges that I don't have the time  It's a sickness! I have become a challenge junkie! Or as my oh so sweet and silver tongued devil of a b/f calls me a Scrap Whore!?!?! LOL His words not mine!!!! He was feeling neglected by all the time I spend either creating or blog hopping.  I usually do it at night when I can actually sit and spend time on the computer in a stretch and not just spurts.  My 14 year old usually has custody of the computer and I merely get visitation rights.  We have another computer in the bedroom but that one is Bob's.  Not that he minds sharing but I have all of my stuff saved to the other computer and its just easier for me.  So to ease his frustation at feeling left out I introduced him to facebook......and created a monster......LOL.  So funny! He lives on there and is really into the mafia wars game.  He has finally started looking up people he went to school with and is reconnecting old friendships and I think its good for him.  He is pretty much homebound due to the wound in his stomach that is still healing.  We go out occassionally but not like we used too.  Its just a lot of trouble to take supplies with us and he has to amke sure his wound vac is charged up, then he has to dress to try to hide all the tubes and such so people don't gawk and ask a million questions.  So I'm glad he has found something to fill his time and take his mind off things.  I guess facebooking is to him  what scrapping and card making is to me......a healthy way to decompress and destress.  We all need that!! And at this very moment he is scanning grade school photos to post on there....LOL.  Good grief! You couldn't pay me to put my grade school photos online!! YUCK!!

So thats enough of my rambling I guess.  I need to do a Hobby Lobby run for some specific colrs of paper I need for a LO.  Can any of ya'll clue me in to where you order online? I can NOT find brand name stuff here!!  I have checked out places like and 2peas but they are a bit pricey. So post your "go to" sites? Pretty please???

I will most likely be back tonight.  I am feeling creative today so we will see what I can get in to :)

Have a good one!!!

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Stephanie said...

so glad you're feeling better...what a crappy week for you! had to laugh at when people thought you were trying to get there attention when you were just clearing your throat...haha! I tend to cough when I don't need to hoping people who are standing tooooo close to me will move away :)

I don't buy a lot of solid 12x12 paper, but I do buy a lot of 8 1/2 x 11 from Papertrey Ink & from my Stampin Up demo. I pick up pattern paper at some local stores.