Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday!!

I see that are lookin at me like "Yeahhhh right! What's so good about a monday??"

Lots of things!!! My buggs went back to school today before I could kill any of them....LOL.  So today is kinda like a vacation for me......I dunno what I am gonna do in a couple of weeks when they are home for spring break.  Yikes!!  Duct tape.......lotsssss of duct tape!!!!

Let's see....what else is good about this monday? Well, last night just as I signed off from here I caught a glimpse of the blogger updates and saw this :
Look familiar? Yup!! It's the page I made for the Dr Seuss Challenge over at Scrap That Poetry! Well I won!!! Totally shocked and unprepared for that!!! Such an honor.....seriously. And I meant it when I said I woulda scrapped the poem after seeing the challenge even if I couldn't have played or been eligible to win anything.  I just loved the concept of it and seriously, what a cute idea for kids matter the age of your bugg! This is one of my favorite all time pages......and I am really moved that someone else appreciated it :)  And I am getting a wonderful RAK as well....can't wait!!! And gets better!!!! They asked me if I would like to do a GDT spot!!! Holy wowzerz!!! So I am really looking forward to it......and this weeks challenge is really cool too....hop over there and take a peek and play along....if they let me in the door they will let anyone

So, all of that alone would be plenty to make this a great monday for me. But I went to chekc the mail this morning and I recieved my gift card holders I won from the Sassy Dirty Fit Girls Blog hop a couple of weeks ago.  I'd link you to Beths blog but I am ashamed to say I don't remember it.......she made these absolutely CUTE gift card holders.  I can't get a good photo right now cuz we are having a nasty, cold, dreary Tennessee day.  I may scan them after wile......or find her dang blog link and share.  I am so inspired to make some of these myself.  A couple would even be really cute as a scrapbook embellie!!

So I have a few reasons to smile today.......even tho my allergies are getting the better of me and I can't breathe thru my nose. 

I'm gonna try to get some stuff done to share with ya'll tonight. I have some projects planned but sometimes the best laid plans fall we'll see :)

Have a great day and smile even if you gotta look to find something to smile'll make you feel better!!!



Tyggereye said...

Thats great you won! Congrats. Thanks for the lovely note on my blog too.

Stephanie said...

Congrats, Tina!! What a great LO! Hold onto that quote for graduation great then too :)