Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Capture these sketches #28 and LOTS of random stuff ....and not necessarily in that

I can see it!!!


See it??

It's the weekend!!!! Yes! FINALLY it's in sight!! This has been a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG week! A week made even longer by icky weather, a major allergy or sinus attack, and of ever so lovely children. (rolls eyes)  I need a vacation.  Seriously! Or at the very least a night out....which I am hoping for this weekend!!! Bob and I are going to go see Jamey Johnson here in Knoxville at the Tennessee Theater and I am soo excited!!! He is a country singer so some of you may have no clue who I am talking about.  But I am really looking forward to the show....and the night out!!! LOL.  And I "think" I can take my camera!!!  WOOT!!!

I have been pretty mojoless the past couple of days.  I have lots of great ideas but I am bored with my scrap  I need new stuff!!! Which by the way I have lots of coming!! I will just have to make do til it gets here I guess.  I am still waiting for my Bo Bunny rubons, I recieved those wonderful gift card holders day before yesterday I think.  They are so cute!!! I think several of them will actually make really adorable additions to layouts....just look:

Not the greatest of photos....still really cloudy and overcast here in Knoxville.  I love all of these so much! My 2 faves are the Christmas ornament one and the one with the blue ric rac on the same row.   Maybe I will play around with making some of these until my new scrap stuff comes! Beth....thank you so much for these....they really are adorable :)

So I mentioned I have new scrappy stuff coming.....some awesome stuff via a RAK from the Scrap that Poetry Blog! And they are so nice over there too! I like thier challenges because journaling is always hard for me.  When I do it digitally I more often than not make a word art or use a premade one.  No such luck with paper because I don't have the cool tools to use. (pouts) Alpha's run out QUICK when you are using them for a title and I don't have a couple of hundred bucks I can just drop on a cricut....tho it IS on my Christmas list!!!! So when the whole business of the journaling is using the poetry or taking your inspiration from it...well, sometimes it's just easier. Especially for us lazy 

Here is what I won from them!

Such coolness!!!! Looks PERFECT for scrapping little boys!!!!

I also have some really neat twine coming from Samantha......a way cool gift from the Purple Cows blog hop.

And I love that  She also sells this so check her blog out and she has info there.  I have no doubt that I will become a customer once I use it cuz I love the look of twine on cards and layouts! Just never had

And speaking of Purple Cows I also won a Freestyle Mouse Cutting Kit and I can't WAIT to get ahold  of it!!!! It looks so cool and I know once it gets here I will be cutting everything in  And included in that bloghop prize was also a set of Hot pockets!

So I do have lots of stuff coming soon to play's just the wait is killing me!!!  Someone told me how lucky I am.....well yeah I am lucky I guess.  I'd rather call it blessed tho :) And seriously......people think they will never win anything on these blog hop thingys;  YOU CAN!! I love doing it....I have found some wonderfully inspiring blogs along the way and met some beautiful people.  That alone is blessing enough, the rest is just icing on the cake, and I am very thankful.......and so is Bob cuz he doesn't want to have to support my scrap

With all of this talk about goodies I almost forgot I do have a layout to share tonight.  I made one a bit ago too and a wild hair hit me and I decided it really needed to be grungy so I got some water and mixed brown paint in it and grabbed a brush and just slung it everywhere.....what fun! LOL.  The older kids are yelling "Mommmmm your ruining it!!!" and Jesse is yellin "Let me try!!!"  Jury is out on that one right now.....when it dries and I can add my journaling I think it will look better.....we'll see......I'm trying to learn to just let loose and do whatever I feel.

Anyway.....this one is a combined challenge.  In one corner we have Capture These Sketches with this sketch:
And the added challenge of using mostly brown and green.  In the other corner we have Challenge Masters and thier March Journaling challenge which is to journal right on the strips or journaling b,ocks....just right on the page.  Now, I know earlier I said journaling is hard for me.  And a lot of people don't understand that because obviously I like to talk.....I'm long winded even on the And i can sit here and blog to ya'll without really thinking much about it.  Hmmmm......weird I know.  But this one has LOTS of journaling on fact I almost ran out of

And I really wish you could see how pretty this paper actually is.  The design on the background paper is gold glitter.  And there is glitter on the tree too.  All paper studio DPs, Felt Thickers, and my walmart brand discount chipbard stickers that I wish I had bout every single one of they

I sure put you thru a lot just to see a challenge LO huh? I wonder how many blogs dread seeing my name in Mr Linky or in the comments box cuz they KNOWWWWWWWWWW I am gonna have a long winded post.......LOL.

Sorryyyyyyyy! But I gotta be me!!!

Thats all for now.......yeah finally!!  I do come up for air every now and then....LOL.

Have a great night!


Fern said...

Tina, I so enjoy reading your blog posts!! I hope you have a wonderful time when you go see Jamey Johnson this weekend!! And WOW are you going to have fun when your scrappy stuff comes in!! I need to start playing those blog hops!!
And now about your wonderful layout! This is such a beautiful family tradition, and something each one of your boys will remember all of their lives!! You did a fantastic job with the challenges, Tina!!!! XXX

Stephanie said...

Hey Tina! You are so fun, girl - long-winded or not :) I hope people don't just scroll to see the pics b/c they'll miss all your fun stories!

Congrats on all the goodies - you are one lucky girl! Can't wait to see the 'grungy' LO. The brown & green one looks terrific.

okay...I'm off to revisit your posts. I quickly read them on Google Reader, but I've been too swamped & tired to get here to leave some comments! Not tonight :)