Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have discovered the joys of PREblogging!! WOOT!

Call me stupid but I didn't know you could do this!!! LOL.

I tell ya, after last night I decided I just have to get some sense of organization going on.....can't have me running around posting weird stuff on everyone's facebook pages....lol.  If you are lost read last nights post....GEEZE!!!!.

So I am getting an early start and getting my LO's preloaded....smart Tina!!!

Ok....so I got creative today!! I found a piece of lace. And something started me thinking about those beautiful lace flowers I keep seeing on pages and cards.  They give it such a wow factor I think.  And I didn't realize how easy these were to do either.  A simple lace ribbon and a running stitch...pull it tight and add a couple of extra stitches to keep it from falling apart on ya......then add a pretty button...I sewed this one on the flower but you can certianly glue it.....and this is my final product.....

How bout that!!!!  I'm so proud.....LOL.  I am not a sewer at all but even I can do this and it is just so pretty!!! I have plans to use it for a special occasion :)

Ok...other than play with fabric and make flowers I did manage to get a layout done. This one  is a double hitter, meaning that I "think " it qualifies for 2 challenges out there in scrapland.  Of course I have been known to be wrong...if so I apologize and I blame it on the glue I have been inhaling this past month! I just counted my LO's and I have done 15 LO's since I started blogging a month ago.....GO ME!!! That's more than I have done in 2 years....seriously. I have been doing primarily digital for the last few years and I still love it....but there is something theraputic about playing with paper and glue.....makes me feel like a kid again, except now I don't eat the glue...hehe.

Ok......this is a sketch challenge over at Design Dollies. I had a really hard time with this one. Not sure why and not even sure I like it yet....but it is what it is (shrugs)
and here is my take

Just for the record the black border is not part of the page.....its merely the stage I sat it on to photograph....lol. Now I am thinking this also qualifies for the Kraft It Up March Challenge, which is to use Kraft, which I had none of so I improvised by chopping up a Studio Calico bag......lol.  And I also got the mixed font title in there....

Most everything here is from the Studio Callico Anthology line, technically I guess the paper bag is Studio Calico as well (smiles) with the exception of the "look" part of my title...those are Thickers. And the "cute dude" chippie is from K & Co.

So if nothing else I have done my part to help save the environment by repurposing a bag.....go me!

Short post tonight huh? Well, I gotta cut ya'll a break every once in a while :)  I'm getting off here early tonight and am gonna work on another LO......the kids are in bed and it is soooo quiet...perfect creative karma baby!!!

Ya'll have a good one!

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