Friday, March 12, 2010

I've got a digi freebieeeeeee for ya!

Hello my friends!!

I want to take a moment to say a big thank you to each and every one of you who take a moment out of your busy day to leave me a comment! Seriously, ask anyone who blogs....we LOVE it!!!! So big, big hugs to all ya'll! I luv ya!!  And somehow I wound up listed at Craft Crave today!! Not sure how it happened...or even why it happened but I'm thrilled.....LOL.I went back and read and re-read to see if I actually posted anything even remotely craftycational (I make up my own words sometimes.....thats a Tennessee word for craft and am still coming up empty. (scratches head) Thank you Craft Crave!!!! I have felt very important today :)

So, how was your friday? I have been running around all was Jesse's early day at school so that really threw me off....feels like I just got my day started and was beginning to accomplish something when I had to stop. And when I stop I tend to get sidetracked or de railed and never quite get back on track again.  Maybe I have  And it's been raining here ALL day! Storming actually. At one point I swear I saw the animals marching 2 by 2! But right now things have tapered off to a drizzle....rain is pretty cool at night tho.  I love to fall asleep to it so long and there is no thunder invlved.  Seriously, I am the worlds jumpiest person. My nerves are shot....probably from having 5 So after I post this I am gonna grab a good book and go snuggle up in bed.....and tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same....perfect weather for stayin  in and getting caught up with challenges!!!! There are some great ones goin on right now!!

I need to direct you to Project B Designs latest's a collaboration with ShanMomto4 called Friends For Life. I'm a bit behind in posting my CT LO's cuz the store link doesn't like  Seriously!! I have the hardest time getting the stuff we need to work passwords won't work or my coupon code says it's expired....grrrrrrrr!!! But I FINALLY got ahold of this one and now Bianca won't think I'm a lazy bum :)

Isn't this absolutely adorable....take a look!!!

So bright and cheerful! I adore it....and look at the cute elements! Perfect for upcoming Easter, springy pix, or just cuz you love bright cheerful colors!

And this is what I created with it today....

My son Jacob and his friends at school.......heyyyy shouldn't they be studyin or something?? Jacob is the one with the hoodie on :)
And this is Brandon and Jesse....don't they look cute?
Like that little clustered frame? It's yours if you want it!! The last time I made something for a giveaway a couple of people told me they couldn't click the link.  In the event that happens again just copy and paste the URL in your browser bar and go! It should work then.  I have heard a few AOL users say they have problems with 4 shared.  If you are an AOL user and you try to grab this let me know.....I may need to change sites in the future.

And can EASILY print this out and use your handy dandy exacto knife and use it with your traditional supplies if ya wanna!!

And check back tomorrow for the Quick Page of that same layout!

I'll be back to playin in paper tomorrow too!!!! Thanks for checkin in!!


CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the DigiFree category today [13 Mar 10:54am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Deanna said...

Thanks so much! The link worked perfectly. That is an adorable kit!!! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!