Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Longggggggggggg night...short post (maybe)

Goodness......I should be in bed...seriously.  I just went on facebook to visit Sketches By Tamara's fan page and post my LO and know what I did? I went to Sketchy Thursdays and posted instead (slaps forehead) I am so ready to crawl under a rock.....this is the worst part.....I found out because I wanted to see everyone else's take on the extra sketch she posts on there just for facebookers (thats a tip......go to her facebook fanpage now and become a fan!!) and no one elses looked like mine....Hmmmmmmmmm!! Geeze I wonder why???? LOL.....it's been one of those nights.  The kids were in rare form...everyone fighting, somehow my metal candle holder turned up behind the entertainment center and bent....had to slowlyyyyyyyyyyy bend it back into shape so it would snap.....and of course....no one has a clue how it happened.  GRRRRR! Just wait.....when they grow up and move out.....I'm gonna go to thier house and break all thier stuff...and I will blame it on senility!!! HA!!!

Ok, not really.......just kinda venting........I'm better now.....I swear (smiles sweetly)

Ok.....since I have been doing all of this rambling about Sketches By Tamara's extra sketch on facebook...here it is.

Isn't he just the cutest?? Little "Santa baby" there is my youngest son Jesse when he was 4 months old....his very first Christmas.  I love those facial expressions....I came "this close" to putting "fa la la la" over the middle photo......lol...I might do it yet :) All the papers are Paper Studio...the stickers came from Walmart and I can't remember what they were called.....they were el cheapo tho and actaully are really high quality.  The little wreath is very strong chipboard and almost feels like wood. The others are just card stock with lots of popdots in them for diminsion.....I wish you could see that thru your screen but no such luck :( The little 'santa" sticker is Hiedi Grace and the green letters are felt thickers.  I really had to resist the urge to go hog wild with embellsihments on this one.  I dunno if its cuz its a holiday layout or a baby one....lol.

And I promised to show you a little something with that great free newlestter kit from Project B Designs.  I posted earlier today so if you are interested in the kit and the newsletter go up a post or 2.....I've posted 3 times today....WOW!!! I have no life huh? LOL Anyway, I came up with another page using the No Ordinary Love kit .........I really love my little garden :)  This is all digital but for you die hard paper gals out there, this would so easy to do a hybrid porject with, just sayin! It has an adorable little birdie in it that I meant to add to my page but I got sidetracked......told ya......one of those days!!!  So here it is.....I'm gonna sign off and leave you with the lovely visual of Bob and I......don't blame me for any nightmares, I have issues of my own.....LOL.  Be back tomorrow.....I have a couple of deadlines to meet so we will see waht kinda eye candy I can come up with for ya. OOOH and I am gonna have a freebie here for ya this weekend.......and yup I'm gonna leave ya hangin......LOL.

Ya'll be good!

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