Saturday, March 13, 2010

One of those days.........

I am so ready to head to bed and get this day over with!!!!

One of my little buggs has been a pain today.  I don't know waht is wrong with him but he has been on "THE" list all day.......yeah, the one that starts with "S"!! THAT list!!! This morning he decides he is done with his cereal and dumps it in the suink and clogs it up.  Only 2 kids had cereal for breakfast this morning and I KNOW the other one finished his.  Yet he didn't know how it got there.  I made him clean the sink and got major attitude back.  Then he grabs my big new afghan and throws it in the floor and I said.."ok you are gonna fold that thing back up when you are done" Did I mention this thing weighs a ton...seriously.  An hour later I come thru the living and there it still is in thr floor. I go get him and make him fold it....I did have to help but I am not THAT mean I  He swears he found it that way......umm NO I saw it when he grabbed it.

So I am already upset by all of the lying and attitude.

Then my 5 yr old comes thru the house with a cell phone that none of us have ever seen and tells me he has found it in Brandons dresser.  So now it is search time....and of course he has never seen that phone before in his life. UGH!!! Then we found MY old phone with the SIM card taken out and put into that one.  Mine was a tracfone so he has no luck at all.  And then we found some of Bob's stuff.....and then it really hit the fan.

I can't get out of him where this phone came from. I'm trying very hard to remain calm and reasonable but I really wanna just choke him. So I made him go and clean his room and he has spent all day in there.  I will wait until I am calm to think about his punishment so I don't do anything stupid.  My mother used to ground me for months on end....and for petty joke.  And I don't want to be like that. And i want to know where this phone came from....when it rains it pours huh?

So I have kinda hid out today. When I'm mad thats best.  I kinda just zoned out and took a nap and then woke up and did a little scrapping and finished up 2 more challenges today.  So the day hasn't been all bad! I am so glad I have something like scrapping to do to keep me sane!!! Tomorrow will be better!!

So I didn't get the quick page finished for those of you who came back to get it I apologize.  I will try to make it up to you tomorrow :)

Ok...on to the challenges!!

Sassy Lil Sketches is having a Going Green Blog hop. And this is the sketch,
and here is my LO

They have a list of things to do to qualify for the winning LO and you can pick one and follow the sketch......I hope.....LOL.  So I used greens, reused my Studio Calico Anthology scraps by making this flower
Isn't that cute???? I took one of the Fabrips strips from the kit and ripped it into 4 strips and just twisted them up and then coiled them and glued down to the circle I also cut from scraps.  I'm amazed at how well it turned out! So this is one I am fairly happy with and I will be using that flower technique again fer sure dude!!! Everything here is from Stuido Calicos Anthology Kit. Except the buttons....they come from

Next up is one for Design Dollies.  I love playing along with thier challenges cuz the DT over there is soooo nice!!! And I really liked this sketch as well..

And her is mine......I had issues with the flash so forgive me....I SHOULDA waited to post this one tomorrow when I could get a better lit photo .

I have that glare in the center and honestly these papers are so much prettier in person!! I dunno if yu can tell or not but they are a grungy, distressed kinda brown with a blue floral design.I used black and cream checked as well and another tiny floral patterened paper.  It is really nice as I sit here and look at
Just some stray buttons, K & Ko Life's Journey DPs,a stray ribbon, embroidery floss, alphas are by Remarks and Thickers.....the colors of the alphas are truer to the colors on the paper.  That tag came from one of my boy's new  I just really liked it (shrugs) It has a leathery feel to it but its paper.  I like that it says Vintage Inspired so I kept it. 

And that is it for today!! Be sure to check today's previous post cuz I have a couple of blog candy listings on there you may be interested in.

Have a good one...I'm gonna go zonk out!!


Eleni Gratsia said...

Wow you've had a day haven't you? Love the layouts ... lovely work!

Irini said...

Love your take on the challenge....beautiful layout

Katie said...

First off, I love your blog design, Tina!!!
Your page for the Sassy hop is just adorable! Thanks for playing along!! I sure hope you got a little well-earned rest. :)

BrendaB said...

Love your page for the blog hop, Tina! That flower is wonderful!

Leah the Orange said...

you were a busy scrapper, Tina! LOVE what you've done with all of these - that fabrips flower is fantastic! (i'm tinkering with similar techniques, so i'm watching what everyone else is doing to see if some of the creativity will rub off!)

TOTALLY understand on the glare - every photo i snapped today turned out drab and washed out. it was just an off day, i think.

and girlie, lots of luck with the wee one. i've had problems like that with my son for a LONG time, and it's maddening! you'll eventually find a recipe for getting the truth out of him, but in the meantime, HANG IN THERE! it's not easy!

thanks SO much for your sweet words - we're glad you enjoy playing with Dollies! we're glad to have you! :) (good luck in this month's prize draws!)

Martine said...

love your sassy LO! that flower is wonderful! love the other LO too! so sweet and soft!

Stephanie said...

oh my word - I hope you find out where the phone was from. I suggest school on Saturdays, but I need 2 days off :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Cuteness LO - from the woodgrain bg to the flower, it's stinkin' awesome