Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pratical Scrappers Challenge LO, SATURDAY!! and family drama


I'm gonna show ya'll exactly how old I am......we are gonna play a little game called NAME THAT TUNE!! (audience applause.....just go along with it and humor me)

Back many many years ago when dinosaurs still roamed the earth there was a rock n roll band with really ugly clothes and really bad hair. And come to think of it ,they sang horribly too but this was a huge song for them.  They may have even had bubble gum cards in thier likeness, I'm not sure.

I know I said name that tune but we are gonna play NAME THAT GROUP instead.  My blog, my rules....I can change them if I want!!! (Sticks out tongue)


Yeah I'm old and corny.....LOL.  I'm just excited to be getting away from the house for a while :)  So tonight is the big night! Will let ya know how it goes tomorrow! And I have decided that I am gonna smuggle my camera in in my bra.....LOL.  I have a pretty full bra so I should be able to hide it well.....LOL.

Anyway, it's a beautiful day today! Sunny and supposed to be around 70!! I love it!! My allergies are killin me but I love the warm weather and seeing everything starting to green up and bloom.  Plus the kids can get outside now....and if they are outside fighting rather than doing it inside that is ALWAYS a good thing!!  Jesse is outside practicing slam dunks.  march madness has totally affected his  He thinks he is da man even tho it is a little tikes basketball goal and it is only 5 feet tall.....LOL.

And I have Steven and Jacob outside cleaning my car out and they are gonna wash it for me too :)

I got up late this morning.....late for me anyway.  Like around 10!!  But then again I went to bed at 1 am and at 2:45 the phone woke me up.  My ex. JOY!!! I haven't seen this man out of a courtroom in 10 years.  Seriously.  Last year he decided to take me to court to get child support ordered.  Which was fine with me cuz for 10 years i had been trying to get it but apparently the states of Ky and Tn have better things to do.  So he came down here to court. We got a judgement. That was last may.  He has made one and a half payments. No kidding. And now he is taking me back to court next month saying I am in contempt of a vistation order.......we don't even have one!!!  He left 10 years ago....I was pregnant with Brandon at the time.  He went out of state and Brandon has NEVER seen him.  No calls on birthdays, cards, letters, presents for holidays.  NOTHING!!!  Now he has decided I am not letting him see "his" children.  Such BS.  He called 2 days after the child support order came down and was going to tell me WHEN he was going to pick the kids up.  I'm like..."Um noooooo!!" You need to get to know these kids first.  It would be no better than me sending my kids off for a weekend with a total stranger.  Our oldest is mentally handicapped and doesn't have a clue whats going on.  The others are 14, 12 and 10.  So he hasn't seen them in 10 can do the math.

So he is now in contempt for none payment of support.  And got the papers one day this past week.  Probably yesterday.  And calls at 2:45 am and thinks I am gonna talk to him??? So we turned the phone off and tried to go back to sleep.  Bob drifted right back off but I laid there pissed

So that is why I slept late.

I figure he was either drinking and had enough liquid courage to call or he has just flat out lost his mind.  Maybe

Ahhhhhh family drama! Aren't you glad it's happening to someone esle?? LOL.  I see it like this.....if I am dealing with it than somewhere, someone else is catching a much needed break :)

Ok.....enough chit chat....wanna see my LO for the  Practical Scrappers Challenge? My blog buddy Fern and I were totally sharing a mental connection last night cuz she posted hers right about the time I finished mine.  So if she has a headache this morning its cuz I was in there checkin things out.....kinda like when you go to someones house and you peek in thier medicine cabinets?? LOL.  So here is thier sketch...
I totally fell in love with this one and it went together really fast.  Took me longer to find a photo to scrap then anything else. 

The photo really isn't this dark.  But the other computer is occupied and I am in our room on Bob's and he doesn't have photoshop  so I can't mess with the contrast or anything to make it look better. Cardstock is Paper Co, all the DPs are K & Co life's journey collection, the alpha in the title is from Remarks, the little flower is one of my NEW Bo Bunny rub ons that came on the UPS truck yesterday!!!! And the stitching is fake.  Courtesy of Marth Stewart rubons I bought at big lots for 50 cents!!!!

And speaking of the Bo Bunny is what they sent me!!

This is my loot minus 2 sheets that I forgot I had on the table because I was trying to decide which to use on that LO.....they are so precious and fun and TOTALLY worth every second I spent chasing the mailman down the street.  Come to find out I shoulda been chasing the UPS guy.  Sorry mailman!! That poor fella....this is twice now I have been after him when I shoulda been looking for the UPS wonder he throws my mail down and takes off so 


Ok....this turned out to be a much longer post then I intended. I still got laundry to do or I am gonna show up at the  concert naked and NO ONE will wanna see that TRUST ME!!! And I am gonna toss supper in the crockpot for the kids.

Ya'll have a great Saturday!!

OH....btw.....the group from the very beginning of the post.......the Bay City Rollers.......LOL.  Yeah I'm a nerd!!


Marlene said...

Heehee...The Bay City Rollers! (Yes, I remember the group well...shhhh...don't tell anyone.)

Ugh....have had my share of family drama in the past. Don't envy you.

Lovely sketch - and beautiful layout!

Have a WONDERFUL day! :)

magicwanda said...

Yep The Bay City Rollers....
I really think that was their only hit.
Nice take on the sketch....
Thanks for joining us @ Practical Scrappers

AmandaB said...

What a sweet page.. I really like your take on the sketch.. Thanks joining the sketching fun at Practical Scrappers this week..

Amanda :0)

mica said...

Hi Tina. Thank you for visiting my blog and such sweet words on BASB post. I know what you mean about getting a LO cluttered with lots of dots. You noticed I did a half size instead of my usual 12 x 12 :)

Sorry to hear about your sleepless night. I guess everybody has his/her own problems...

I also read several posts. I see you are a challengeholic like I am. Great take on that sketch from Practical Scrappers. That photo is so sweet!

Have a nice Sunday!

Kim said...

Hey sweetie, are you a KY or TN girl? I consider myself both. Born and raised in Ky and grew up in TN during my summers and still do. My daddy owns a second home right on the lake there. So I go very often!

I loved the Bay City Rollers too!

Your take on this weekends sketch is fab! Thanks for joining us at Practical Scrappers this weekend!

Kim xXx

Fern said...

Hi Tina, I didn't have a clue on your "Name That Group". I was a little deprived growing up and could only listen to C & W... I guess I turned out okay, though...
And no one likes to get a phone call in the middle of the night... Makes my heart race.. When daughter was younger, I got a few of those and boy, Am I glad those days are over.. I hope everything goes well...
I hope you got your laundry done, otherwise I guess you won't be sharing any photos!!!!! No Camera!! lol
As for this layout ~ it is just precious!!!! Love the photo, the colors and the faux stitching!!! Fantastic job!!! Thanks for playing with us this week at PS!!!! XXXX

Tanya Rudd said...

This layout is precious, I love the color palette, and the photo itself.

Fern said...

Hello Ms Tina!! I have a little something for you over on my blog!! Have a great week!!! XXXX

Jodi said...

loooove your blog!!! thanks for stopping by!

Stephanie said...

so sorry to hear of the issues with your ex....I hate phone calls in the middle of the night!

Great layout & goodies! love that photo :)