Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reward for missing mojo and Design Dollies Black and White and yellow ALL OVER!!

I am having one of those days where I just can NOT get my head into scrapping with paper.  No matter how hard I try.  There are so many wonderful challenges out there in blogland right now and so many amazing sketches and still....nothin...it just won't come to me. (pouts) I sat down and tried to scrap a LO for Sketchy Thursday and to be honest ....it sux.....badly.  I have a tiny bit of inspiration floating around and I'm hoping it will bloom into a masterpeice in the morning.....we'll see I guess!!

I recieved my RAK today for winning the Scrap that Poetry challenge last week.  It's such a fun kit!! Cosmo Cricket's Snorkel.  CUTE!!! I couldn't even scrap with that.....that's just not right....brand new goodies and I'm drawing a blank!!! 

Ohhhhh I gotta report that date night was a success!!! I had a blast at the Jamey Johnson concert!!  Well, I had fun anyway....Bob...ehhhhhh not so much.  He called it "redneck hell" LOL.  I think he is just gettin old!  I used to work in radio and I have been in my share of dives.  Rowdy rednecks or bikers don't bother me.  The concert was in a fairly small venue and there was alcohol served.  Altho how anyone could afford to even get drunk is beyond me.  A cup of beer was $5 and mixed drinks were $12.  A lot of folks with more money than good sense obviously!  The crowd was rowdy....people up and dancing in the aisles, standing on seats, standing up so we had to stand up to even see......I think thats what upset him.  And we saw a fight.....lol.  Security drug out 6 people.  However I was extremely well behaved!!! Aren't ya'll proud of me? LOL

The show was really good.  Jamey sang his honky tonk badonkadonk off.  I'd go back to see him again in a heart beat.  I got some pix but I haven't quite got em cleaned up yet. 

Keepin it short and sweet tonight.  I do have one page to share with you for the Design Dollies Black, white and yellow all over challenge.  Since I was having no luck with paper I palyed around in PSP X and came up with this.
This is my wonderful online friend LeAnn and her hubby Howie.  They live just a hop skip and a jump away from me over in NC.  She is such a sweetie pie and I love her to death......and I always steal and scrap all of her facebook pix.....lol.  They both really like this one so I have to go ahead to share it :)

As I mentioned it's digital and the kit I used is Bad Boys by Simplette.  The fonts are Autos and Shortcut.

I know....boring post tonight.  We all have our off days I guess.  Tomorrow may not be much better since I am restarting Weight Watchers for the millionth time.  I am sure I am gonna be grumpy while going thru junk food withdrawal.....lol.    I'm gonna go look under the bed and see if my mojo is hiding with the dustbunnies.  Ya'll have a great night and thanks for visiting!!!



Marlene said...

I love the digi layout - and there is NOTHING boring about a post with the word "badonkadonk" in it! HA HA HA!!!!

Stephanie said...

What a fun thing to do for your friends...gotta try lifting a photo and creating a layout sometime! This one is super fun!! Be careful looking for that mojo - you never know what else might be lingering under the bed :p

Leah the Orange said...

teena, i'm SO sorry to hear of your missing mojo! i know that feeling... a sea of supplies, and not a single good idea?! come ON!!

this page, however, managed to drag some mojo out from under the carpet, methinks! it turned out great! thanks for joining in the fun at Design Dollies - don't forget to link back to us in your post to be eligible for the yummy Thickers prize pack! :) hope to see you again soon!

Tonjia said...

I think you are always a lot more creative than I am!!

LeAnn and Howie look great in that picture, I am sure
she will love it. And you are right about her being a sweet person.

How is WW doing? Wasnt today the starting day?

Fern said...

Tina, for not having your mojo, I think you did a super job on the digi layout!!! Sounds like the date night was a "riot". And I mean that literally!! lol... I know you had a lot of fun.. I'll be checking back with you to see if you found your mojo hidding with those ornery dustbunnies!!!! Have a great evening!! XXXXXX

Leah the Orange said...

got your message, Tina! you're all set - thanks for taking care of that! :)

and STILL love your page, girl! have a great weekend!