Friday, March 12, 2010

"Spring" it on!!! (plus sketchy thursday and scrap that poetry!)

Get it?


Ahem.......I need another caffiene IV drip this morning!! Sorry! Trying to bring a little humore to this dreary ol Friday morning.  Yeah I know....very little humor (rimshot).

So....ready for spring? I am SOOO ready for it and our weather here the last few days has been sorta a little tease.  But I'm lovin it!! Did I tell you the other day that flowers are already in bloom here? I have photo proof!! I took these day before yesterday.  Meant to post them ysterday but got kinda busy.  I caught a glimpse of these on my way to taking the kids to school and when I got home and got Matthew on the bus I took a little walk and packed my camera with me.  I ready a post someplace about the macro setting being the best way to photograph foliage or flowers or anything you want to get really and trulky up close and personal with.  Keep in mind that I merely have a simple canon point and shoot digital.  So I am not "truly" a photographer.....more of a "picture taker" LOL.  I didn't even know my camera had a macro setting....LOL.  So I played around a lots of strange looks from people driving by, made the neighbors dogs mad. And here are the fruits of my labor.....

Soooo pretty!!

And I was inspired by the flowers look what I made....

LOL......I do have a project in mind for the accordian'll just have to wait for's a work in progress :)  The pink on is just tissue paper.  Remember back in grade school when you would just pleat these and fasten them with a pipe cleaner then fan it out? Well this is just a slightly more grown up version.  In this photo and from a distance it looks like a large carnation......up close it merely looks like a wad of crumbled paper......LOL..  The little newsprint one is from a recycled romance novel that I didn't like the ending too....LOL.  No, really......I found this book in the freebie bin at our local used bookstore.  Never read it.....had plans of swapping it on but then I started seeing flowers made of books.  So I ripped out several sheets, folded and cut out a heart shape. Then cut a square of card stock and glued it down and poked a brad thru it.  Crumbled it up and inked it.  TADA!! And I used it on this LO I created for
Sketchy Thursdays new challenge. 

And I promise you I DID use this sketch for inspiration.  But I went off course somewhere along the way.....LOL.  I love it tho.  And the whole idea behind using a sketch is to use it for a jumping off spot for your own creative ideas. That's my story and I'm stickin to it!!!

Thats your's truly as a baby back in 1968 :) And one of fewer than 10 photos of me as a weird.  Guess my mother figures she lived with me everyday and knew what I looked like.....LOL.  I haven't added the journaling yet because I am not really sure what direction I want to go with this.  And it took all night for it to dry as well....I had to use actual glue to hold the flowers and lace down and then put a couple of heavy boxes on it for it to dry and be somewhat sturdy.  I adore the look of layers like this but I have no clue how on earth I am EVER gonna get it in a page protector!

I made both the flowers. The ribbon and lace at are juse scraps from around the house.  Also used offray gingham ribbon, K & CO Life's Journey DPs, MME journal note pad page, chipboard border, crown, and "Jolis means Pretty" chippies are all Prima. LOVE this LO!!!

Next up is the Scrap That Poetry Challenge 11.  Scrap parts of the poem "Oh The Places You Will Go" by Dr Seuss or use it as inspiration.  As a mom I couldn't NOT do this challenge! I'm not sure if they will allow my page cuz it is digital.  They ahve nothing in the rules saying it's ok to do a digital page.....but nothing saying I can't either.....LOL.  Yeah I am a rebel!!!! LOL.  Either way I love this one too......and woulda scrapped it anyway after reading the poem. So whatever they decide is ok with me.  I scrap for the love......not the money, not the fame (HA!) or even the prizes.  Ok....sometimes I scrap for the prizes.......LOL.  But if you don't love it why bother (shrugs)  Life is way to short to do something you don't enjoy.....just sayin :)  That's my tidbit of wisdom for today, stick it in your pocket and keep it with you today !

What cuteness!!! I think I am going to do one of these for each of my kids with different lines from the poem.  I love that this LO looks like paper! Kit is called The Boys` and its by Kitty Designs.  (Click and visit her blog she is AMAZING!!!) Here is a peek at the kit...and nope I don't CT for her....just am a huge fan :)

Crazy talented she is!'s Friday and I have things I gotta do today....some LO's for my CT duties and today is an early pickup day for Jesse.  Will be back tonight! Don't forget to take a peek at yesterdays Blog candy post.....LOTS of great giveaways goin on!!!



Fern said...

Tina, you are amazing!!!! I loooooove the flowers you made... I'm really going to have to give them a try!
And your layout of youself, well, the photo is just precious and the layout is beautiful!!!!
And finally, you're just rockin' on these digital layouts!! This one is just wonderful!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!! XXX

Kim said...

OHHHH! I love your take on the Dr. Seuss lines for the STP challenge! SO fun and whimsical! Awesome job!

Kim said...

OHHHH! I love your take on the Dr. Seuss lines for the STP challenge! SO fun and whimsical! Awesome job!

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on in the Printables category today [12 Mar 10:52am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

♥Liz Weber♥ said...

Hi Tina, love those gorgeous flowers - very creative and fun! I adore that sweet layout of you as a little girl - very elegant and stylish!

Jennifer Campbell said...

Oh my goodness... I love these layouts... great take on the sketch... lovely layout! However... wow!!! I love your Scrap That poetry layout!!! Great job! Thanks for playing along with us!

glorygirl said...

Great job on both of your layouts! I especially like the "places you'll go" layout. The picture is just perfect!!! Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap That Poetry!

Jane said...

GOSh...I'm a digi scrapper and I totally thought the page for STP
paper at first!!! I love it!!!! and what a great idea to do one for each of you children!!! THanks for playing along!!!

Karen Lee said...

I love your handmade flowers and what a great job you did with each layout!

xoxo Karen Lee

Teresa Jaye said...

Tina your flowers are beautiful! The pics of the real ones and the handmade ones too! I love your baby layout - so soft and pretty. Very nice job.