Saturday, March 6, 2010

Studio Calico Challenges!

Yup I said challenges....with a "S"! I somehow missed the Sunday sketch and saw it for the first time last night.  I think I was in bed all day Sunday sick.  It's a bit of a  So in between getting caught up with everything today around the house I scrapped....Ahhhhhhhh it felt good!! LOL It's been a really quiet day...Brandon is at Mom's, Jacob is at a friends spending the night.  Heck those are the 2 loudest boys.....LOL.  Bob was gone all day doing "Bob stuff" So Steven and I cleaned the house....sorta. LOL....We made a dent in it anyway....he's such a good kid....Luv ya dude!!! We moved furniture and vacuumed under it, got around the baseboards, several loads of laundry, took out lots of garbage.  I am pooped!! This is the first day since being sick that I have NOT napped....GO ME!! My ears are poppin like crazy so I hope (crossing fingers) that I will be able to hear again soon.  At first I enjoyed the quiet (I have five boys remember?) but now it's just annoying.

So thru 2 of the Studio Calico challenges right at the wire! The first one is scraplift a member....just pick a LO from the gallery and have a whirl at it.  This one must be a former sketch challenge cuz every single one of them I saw tht I wanted to scraplift looked a LOT like this one.......LOL.  So without further ado....The scraplift challenge!! Drumroll.......I chose SimplyTam's super cute page
But like I said everyone I saw that I liked resembled this one but yet was different....very confusing to try to  So this is mine....not sure why I decided to add faux ya'll see why I don't sew at all....LOL.  You can see the resemblence, yet it's different...which is what  I wanted.....I think :)

The patterned paper I wish I knew the designer cuz I adore it...its part of a mini kit I won from Art Freckles last month.  The photo does not do it justice! It's beautiful and I am amazed I even cut into it.....LOL.  The little fabric flowers and buttons came from her as well, the green alpha I don't know the name of either...gee I am on top of stuff huh? I got it at Hobby Lobby on clearance and it is velvet chipboard....Oooooooooh!!!!. Offray ribbon,and paper bliss love birdies.And Paper studio cardstock.

Oh.....and by the way, this is me and Bob......LOL.

Next up is the Studio Calico Sunday Sketch challenge.

So much fun doing thos one!!The brown cardstock was randomly dry brushed with white paint for another project I never got around to...I have several pieces I test drove the painting technique on so I will be using them for SOMETHING eventually. I don't know if you can see on the photo but I did a border in white paint on each photo to kinda give the illusion of looking out a frosted up window.  All paper and stock is Paper Studio, I used my fisker border punch, 2 types of thickers for the alphas, and I found the cutest beaded ribbon at the dollar tree that I used as well.  In retrospect I shoulda placed it along the top or between the photos so it would actually  make you think "icicles" but I am slow  My best ideas happen when the glue dries...sighhhh. These are felt snowflakes with added bling from Paper Bliss, as is the snowman.(why is it called paper bliss if its clue!)  His red scarf clashed so I took it off and used black sheer ribbon to replace it...everything goes with black doesn't it? I may go back and add curvy white paper behind the snowman for snowbanks...not sure yet.

Those are pix of our BIG snow. 4 inches worth......roughly.  Yeah laugh northern folks.....LOL.  We rarely see snow here at all! We live in a valley and it alays hits every county around us, and we are very close to tbe Great Smokey Mtns too.  But Knoxville just doesn't see a lot of snow.  I have many more of these to was a snow day and the kids had a ball and even had enough snow to build a snowman and sled....oooo hoooooo!!!  And this is Steven and Brandon.....they will sue me for royalties or something if I don't mention them by name.

And check this out....shameless plug for Studio Calico!!!!! Check out in the background.....propping my page up for the photo op.......

LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Yeah I'm a mess :)  But I do love Studio Calico....I do!!!!! Everyone should go there and play! Look up...I linked em even :)

So that's all folks! Glad aren't ya? LOL

I'm sure there is something else due by tomorrow night that I have missed so you will see it here sometime tomrrow!

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Stephanie said...

4 inches....oh, please!!! :) - we've had 12 times that amount..ugh!

love the dry brushed paint around the page...looks fantastic. so glad to get caught up! I had such a hectic week that it didn't leave much time or energy...hoping this week goes much differently :)