Thursday, March 18, 2010

WOOO HOOOO Winner over at Sketchy Thursdays!!!

I'm just gonna load my tent up in the car and camp out in the post office parking lot.  WOW!! I am thrilled to be picked for this weeks Sketchy Thursdays! Well, technically last weeks I guess! Even if it was randomly of these days I am gonna get one of those blinkie things for being a fave tho....I'm gunnin for it!!! I need to take a photo of the updated page tho because I added to it after I entered it.  I had to let all of that lace and fabric dry first!!

Thank you Sketchy Thursday!!!!!

Now bring on the new sketch....I am ready for it....March madness baby!!!!!!! (Um that was my Dicky V

Any one watching the tournament? Filling out a bracket? Our Vols play tonight and it is a LATE game....something like 9:55 pm.  I don't look for us to go beyond the 2nd round altho I am, of course, hopeful!  But I am also

I'm still waking up and chugging caffiene....just wanted to share my news!!

Be back later with (hopefully) some CT layouts to share with ya!


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Marlene said...

Ok - I just had to pop in here and tell you that you're stinkin' funny!! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog candy post. What a riot! Bwaahaahahaaa!!!!