Monday, April 12, 2010

Check out the blog candy AND Design Dollies Sketchy Goodness :)

Howdy!!! Did ya have a happy monday?? Was that a growl I just heard???? I found something that may perk ya up a bit!!!  There is this FAB blog candy giveaway going on over at Creating From The Heart! It's going on thru April you still have time! Melissa really has some awesome goodies to share....check it out...

1 EK Success Lattice Punch

1 EK Success Star Corner Punch

~ 1 October Afternoon Fly a Kite 8x8 Paper Pad (love this!!!)

~ 1 October Afternoon Fly a Kite Stamp Set
October Afternoon Thrift Shop 8x8 Paper Pad
This is quite a haul for some lucky person!! (ME!! ME!! ME!! Pick me!!!!) Ahem.....not that I would try to influence anyone in anyway ya know :)

Seriously.....a great RAK for someone and all you have to do to win is post about it on your blog and then leave her a message at the above link and there ya have it! You can find out more over on her blog.

Jacque also has a great giveaway on her blog!

Blog candy is the best calories!!!! Which reminds me.....don't even ask about the  I have fallen off the wagon and am really gonna get an earful from my Dr when I go see him on Thursday.  I really need to get motivated and get my tush in gear.  I'll be starting a weight loss blog here in the next few days if anyone is interested I will post a link.  Will be pretty much like here.....lots of random babble and some recipes and such.  Pretty much just a place to keep me accountable and have fun too :)

I hurried thru this layout tonight cuz i didn't realize it was due at midnight.... WHAT??????  Where is the time going????  I am not joking......the FlyLady and Martha Stewart would both stroke out if they had to hang with me for an hour......LOL  I am the most disorganized person in the world.  My house is a lot like my mind....not REAL dirty....just kinda scattered.....LOL.  I am the adult ADHD poster girl I swear.  As tho you had any doubt.....LOL.   I always have the best of intentions with these things.....I have a little notebook I write things in.  But guess what? I can never find it......LOL. I'm hopeless!!!

So this one is the Sketch Challenge.  Really CUTE sketch!!!

Once again I get ahold of something cute and simple and can't leave well enough alone.  Kinda went overboard on this one.....
It "sorta" resembles the sketch!! LOL.  Well I was inspired by it anyway.  And it's cute I think.  I had a lot of fun listening to a house full of boys fight and yell and try to cut out these little clouds.  NOT!!!!   It's so not cool to irk Mom when she has sharp objects in her hand!!  

Lets see.....the background stock is Paper Studio Kraft Stock, The yellow and white houndstooth is Studio Calico Anthology.  The center of the sun is American Crafts, Everything else is Cosmo Cricket Snorkle.  The buttons are just random ones I have picked up at Wally World.  You may remember those pix as ones taken the day before Easter.  I am so proud I scrapped them within a decade of taking them......LOL.

Speaking of son is gonna kill me.....bwahahahahahahahaha.  take a look......
I kid you not.........he fell asleep with his Nintendo DS in hand.  And a lovely koolaid moustache to boot......this is what happens when you fall asleep first in this house.......LOL.  Bob and Jacob tried to scribble on his head with sharpie......yeah, I live with the cast from the movie Jackass.....Steven kept stirring so all they got was a picture of him catching mean some Zzz's :)

Poor kid.


Ok......that's all for tonight :) 
Have a blessed evening!


Marlene said...

Oh my....your son IS going to smack you for that one! *snicker*

Emily said...

I have pics like that of my hubby too...hehehe. We should post and compare but I kind of like my hubby so I don't want to end up divorced.

Your layout is darling and that is your interpretation of the sketch so who cares if it is simple or not. My friend Tonia always tells me my layouts are too busy for her so sometime I over do it just for her cause its fun. Beside, she like to die her hair

For your diet...check out It is free and a great tool for weight loss. I used it when I got thin a number of years ago and I started to use it again last week and I am already down 5 pounds.


~Christina~ said...

I just love silly shots :)

That layout is absolutely fun :)

If you are interested, I have started a new challenge blog that I think you would enjoy. I would love it if you'd give it a try sometime.

Scrap It With a Song

Kristy said...

Inspired is good! Love how you made it your own! Super! Thanks for playin with us DOllies!