Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DT reveal for Scrap it with a song!!

Helloooooooooo scrappy folks!

What a day! We had some excitement in our neck of the woods early this morning.  EARTHQUAKEEEEEEEEEE!!! Noo I am NOT kidding!! Not here in Knoxville but not so very far from here in Blount County.  Amazing.  Tennessee is not exactly known as earthquake territory. Thankfully it was just a baby quake.  I think it read a 3.5 on the scale.  Just enough to kinda shake things up a bit and wake a few people up.  Thank goodness and Praise God no one was hurt!! But it sure had people talkin around here!

Other than that......lots of rain. But hopefully it will knock some of the pollen out so we can all breathe again.

I'm hoping that once the boys go off to bed I can get some scrappin done! I am feelin the mojo baby!!!  So many challenges soooo little time :)

But look at what I DID get done today! My week 1 DT layout for Scrap It With A Song!  You gotta run over and play with us for our very first challenge!!  I have seen a few of the entries and I gotta tell ya...I am dazed and amazed by the level of talent we have out there in blogland! Seriously!!  So our song for week one is Elton John's "Your Song"  Funny.....after all of these years I had no clue what the name of it was.......I simply called it the "I hope you don't mind" song.....that is the only line I truly knew.......lol.  Pitiful!  MY 5 year old does that same thing.....I listen to a pretty odd variety of music and when he doesn't know the name of a song he picks a word out of it........soooo for example.......we listen to a lot of country music.  Trace Adkins is one of my faves......He simple calls "Hillbilly Bone" "The Bone Song".  Or Alan Jackson's "Good Time" is "The Line Song" LOL.......I worked in radio as a DJ for several years before becoming a boring old woman and grown people would call and request songs just like that....not even knowing the name of it.

"Ummmmmmm can you play me that song...........the one where this guy gets drunk?"
(keep in mind I worked at a country radio station)

"Uh yeah......and which of the 50 million songs might that be???"


Anyway..............I'm rambling.  I tend to go off on tangents every once in a while.....the meds should kick in shortly :)

Back to  Scrap It With A Song!! Just head over there and listen or read the song lyrics and get inspired!! You can go any direction you wanna go!  I didn't have any pix that would work with this printed out so I ventured into the digital realm........the photo is of 2 of my boys.....Jacob(14) and Jesse(he's da baby....awwwwwww 5) I guess ya'll can probably figure out which one is which....you look smart :) LOL.  Our church Pastors little girl was having a High School Musical birthday themed party and the kids got to kareoke their little hearts out. 

It took a lot for me not to go totally crazy with this one.  Once I got started I wanted to add all kinds of rock n roll type things....barbed wire, skulls,(I did put one teeny one in there) And then I stepped back and said ok.....these are my kids not Motely Crue.......lol.  So I toned it done a bit :)  I really love the kit I used and I use it A LOT!! Especially for the older boys pages.  They just don't like it when I use choo choo trains on the big kid LOs.....go figure......lol.  So, the kit is called "Helter Skelter" by Studio Flergs  I don't have a link for her but I'm sure you can google it and something will come up if you are interested.  The font is Hand Test. And the whole shebang is created in PSPX.  Sometimes I use PhotoshopCS3.......but not this time.....lol.

Sooo there ya have it!!
Hope to see ya over there!!



Anonymous said...

Love it! It's perfect.

Fern said...

It's perfect for the challenge, Tina!!! I love the whole "shebang", it's fantastic!!!! And a big congrats on making the DT....... XXXX

CraftyGirl said...

Girllllll... you have some serious talent! This LO is sooo fun! I was just over visiting the other blog and have a pretty good start on my LO... hopefully I can post it tomorrow!! Thanks for leading us to this new blog... and congrats on your first post on the DT!! Your ROCKED it!! (Sorry... couldn't resist!!)
Barb :)

Toucan Scraps said...

Fabulous Layout Tina

I made the DT too.