Monday, April 19, 2010

Exciting new challenge blog!!! And guess what?

Cmon now........gimme a drumroll please...........I am part of the DT!!! WOOOT WOOT!!! Yeah I know, they will let anyone in huh? LOL.  I am really excited to let ya'll know all about Scrap It With A Song.  Mz Christina is your hostess with the mostess over there and honestly, I think it's gonna be GREAT!!  And they are still taking DT applications if you are interested, and think you can stomach working with me, go ahead and give it a shot! 

Did I tell ya yet that I am excited? Yeah I emotions are just soooooooooooo hard to read huh :) 

Basically it works like this....each week Christina give you a song prompt.  You can use it as inspiration or take the song title, a certain line or lyric, or the whole dang song....totally up to you how you work it!  Doncha just love challenges like that?  However it inspires you....go for it!  Sometimes certain songs bring about a certian feeling or a certain memory...thats ok too!

This weeks prompt is the Elton John classic "Your Song".  You know this one even if you think you don'  I will have a page up for you to ohh and ahhh or blahhhh and bleck over a bit later or first thing tomorrow. Depends on how cooperative my brood is when they get home.....yeah....probably in the 

Seriously tho....I hope to see some of you there.  I have seen several lyric challenges lately and personally I really enjoy them and like the idea of one weekly.  And I'd say that even if I wasn't on the DT....honest!!!  So head on over and give it a spin (get it....spin....records used to spin...they did!!!)

If I did this right (and that is a huge IF) you should be able to click the cute little blinkie thing and get there.  If not just do it the old fashioned way and click HERE.  Better than a GPS any day huh :)  The first challenge is up and ready for you to work your creative magic and never fear......the lyrics are posted AND I believe the youtube vid is too.

OHHHHHH Almost forgot!!! There is a prize!!! Yes!! The first week!!! How cool!! (However if you are interested in sponsoring a challenge contact Mz Christina and she will give you the details.....I am justa What kinda prize?

Sooooooooo glad you asked!!! Like flowers? How about really, really GORGEOUS flowers? Like.....Ohhhhhhhh I dunno....maybe  some Prima yumminess???
There ya have it!  You know what to do!!!

Be watching for my page coming to a computer near you soon!!! (wink)


Emily said...

I saw you are on the DT when I went there this morning to check out the song. Go you!!!! I cant wait to see your projects.

CraftyGirl said...

Congrats on your big news!! Can't wait to see all your new creations and I will certainly hop on over there to check out the blog... sounds like it will be a lot of fun!!
Barb :)

~Christina~ said...

Whoo rock girly :) :) :)