Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hoppy Easter to You All!

I have been a bit scarce lately huh? So sorry!!! It's just been darn beautiful here that I couldn't stay cooped up indoors another minute!  We have had insanely nice weather here....I love it!!!  I hope it holds out for Easter!!

Me and the kids ahve been runnin, runnin, runnin the last couple of days.  I have been trying to gather up stuff for a little boys Easter Basket nd finally gave up today and broke down and did it the old fashioned way......hellooooooo Walmart! Broke my heart cuz my favorite thing is hand picking the treasures myself but everyone had beaten me to it this year.  Shelves were bare everywhere around here.  So I settled on a basket that had some dinosaur ac tion figures in it....kinda cool actually, I think he will like it :)  Be watching for pix tomorrow...cuz ya'll know I am a proud 

So we did all of this running, and went to the grocery store.....yeah the day before Easter I bought my ham......I am a glutton for punishment!  We decided that rather than do Easter dinner we would do brunch.  I thought "ok cool!" Something a lil different and not as much work.....WRONG!!! Altho we are doing mostly breakfast foods....ham, eggs, biscuits, honey butter, hash browns, gravy, fruit......somewhere along the way Bob decided he wanted a carrot cake and the kids wanted banana know, the kind with tons of vanilla wafers? So much for less  So dinner tonight is plain ol crockpot bbq chicken and chips.  Jesse and I dyed eggs a bit earlier and as we speak I have the cake in the oven. I am And I know this is gonna kill me and the diet (4.1 lbs lost last week BTW)

I'm hopin to actually get a little scrapping done tonight.  Some AWESOME challenges this month!!!  I didn't get nearly as many completed last month as I wanted to.  But I save the sketches for the ones I love but don't get around to.  I bought a few new sheets of paper yesterday and a big package of kraft cardstock......I tell ya....I LOVE this stuff!! Got some great deals on stamps at Big Lots......everything was a dollar or under.  I was STOKED Dude!!!! Seriously....I bought a set of clear aplha stamps for one buck! Oh my stars!! I can't wait to use it!! I am constantly running out of sticker alphas so I thought these may come in handy for journaling!  I had to get an acrylic block too....I had my 12 year old with me and he was bored to  Poor thing....he toughed it out cuz he thought he was going to get a new DS game......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I'm awful :)

Well, I really have nothing new to show ya.......wait!! I do!!! I am the GTD this month over at Scrap That Poetry!!! And my ugly mug is featured in a really BIG photo right on the front page.....LOL Head on over there and play along....there is a really cute little RAK up for grabs for the winner and the chance to be the next GDT member!  Here is the page I put together for them....
It's a digital page I threw together and the photo is one I shared a few weeks ago showing our first spring blooms.  I added a couple of overlays, a mask and goodness only knows what I did when I started fiddling with buttons and knobs in  Kit used is called "Want to change" by Miss K designs. And the font is Sensual....who names these fonts I wonder???

So that's all I got for now......I want to wish everyone a very Blessed Easter!  Hope you are spending it with family and loved ones!

God Bless!!


Deanna said...

I know what you mean about being out and about in the nice weather! I started dinner then go side-tracked watering the plants in the yard! Thankfully, nothing burned! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

Fern said...

Tina, you are amazing!!! Oh, how I wish I could do a little digital scrapbooking!! This is beautiful ~ I love that font!!!!
Sounds like you and your family had a fabulous Easter!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!! XXXX

Marlene said...

Hope you had a fantastic Easter, and didn't pile on that 4.1 pounds you lost...heehee...but if you did, I sure hope you did it with CHOCOLATE, not ham! HA HA!

Tonjia said...

I am a little late, but happy easter anyway!! your brunch sounds yummy