Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's finally happened....I have SNAPPED!!!

I am totally going crazy here.  I have been on a super scrappy roll today......3 LOs so far.  But now I have a dilemma.  Have you ever scrapped something you THOUGHT was for a challenge only to find out this particulair challenge have never existed anyplace other than in your head? LOL I'm serious!!!! So I am asking for your help ladies!! Do any of you challenge addicts know IF there is a challenge specifically for the color combination of Pink, Black and green???

If I have dreamt this I am in worse shape that I thought cuz I HATE pink!!!! Well, not for other people.  But I am not a "pink" kinda girl.  I would never in a million years scrap something in those colors on my own.....LOL.


(ok never was last weeks color challenge at frosted designs......ended last night. GRRRRRRRR!!! We;; at least I didn't dream the color


Anonymous said...


You're not going crazy.

My Pink Stamper just posted a challenge today for a project using pink, black & green. Winner gets a Create A Critter & featured in the Pink Gallery.

Fern said...

So glad to hear that all is not lost... Nothing more frustrating than to do a layout for a challenge and go to post it and find out it just closed!!!
Just thought I would hop on over here to see what you've been up to... Have a wonderful Sunday!!! XXXXX

Fern said...

BTW I luv the new blog look... So spring-y!!!!

Emily said...

That is at the pink stamper but if you ever do something like that again you could always make it your own blog challenge for fun and use yours for inspiration. That might be fun some day. You do make some beautiful layouts.

Marlene said...

I totally remember a pink black and green challenge here somewhere...looks like someone already answered your question for you, though, crazy lady!

Love the NEW LOOK of your blog, by the way!