Monday, April 26, 2010

Mahvelous Monday part deux!!

I'm killin ya aint I? LOL

I can hear it now......."Does she EVER just shut up???" Nope!!!! hehehehe! I'm is quite the newsworthy day!!!  I don't even know where to start....

There is a blog hop going on over at Pam Callaghan's blog today to bring awareness to Autism.  There will be lots of fun along the way and I read there are even RAKs up for grabs too......but for me personally the most important part of this is to get the word out about Autism.  April is almost over and it IS Autism Awarenss month!!  I can speak with a little bit of knowledge on the subject because my oldest son Matthew is profoundly affected.  I can't count how many times I have had people come up to me after finding out he was Autistic, and ask me "What type of genius thing does your son do?"

WHAT?????  He is a child not a puppet.

I think everyone has the impression that everyone with Austism is like the character Dustin Hoffman played in the movie "The Rain  Man"   His character was the exception not the rule....while there are certainly savants out there.....not everyone with autism is a savant. Matt does have a lot of the same problems that the character had, but just like you and I are different, each perosn with Autism is different as well. 

While my child is totally nonverbal, and at the age of 17 he is labeled as mentally retarded  because he functions at a 5 to 6 year old level,  some can sit and carry on conversations with you and may be labled and just a little different because they have a hard time dealing with people one on one.....I am not part of this blog hop but it is something I really want people to take a moment to learn about.  I don't think the majority of the world is intentionally mean....they just don't understand.  And that is what Autism Awareness month is all about.

There is power in knowledge!!

Thank you :)

Now......after all of my grouching yesterday I am in a much better mood.....musta got it all out of my system! At least everyone hopes so.....but ya know what? My house is clean......LOL.  Now I know how to motivate em!!!

Never got to pull out my sewing machine this weekend (pouts) I really don't have the room inside and it rained all weekend so the patio was out of the question too.  I'm dangerous enough with anything that may have a sharp point without throwing water and electricty into the mix too!

Saturday I recieved an RAK in the mail from the aweosme folks at Sassy Lil Sketches!! I think it's  a blog hop prize...but it is such coolness!!! A Maya Road Sheer Scroll frame album!! I am so excited to work with this!!! And I have one of the mama's or grandmama's mothers day presents ready to create!! Probably will put pix of the kids in it and give it to my mom.....I have a chipboard one I won some time ago from sweet Pinky  (who btw has some FREE SVGs for the cricut crowd this morning!!!) and that will go to Bob's mom with pix of the kids.....I will have to come up with something for my ex's step mom.....yeah I know...sounds so very dysfunctional but she is like a mother to me and has totally disowned him....actually his entire family did when we split....of course that is my fault....on account that I am so evil and everything (rolls eyes) So I ALWAYS get her something and she just loves anything I me, she just loves to get mail that isn't asking her for money I guess.....LOL. 

And the biggest news of all.......I got up this morning to get the kids ready for school.......I am just gulping down my first cup of morning coffee and looking thru email all bleary eyed for anything that  may be important.  And my sweet blog buddy Emily had sent me a comment on the blog (they all go to my email now that I know I can reply to them from there!!) and congratulated me on making the TPE DT.

I was like WHAT?????????

YES!!! I am now a member of The Pink Elephant Design team!!! WOOOT WOOOT!!!!  And at the moment that's all I know......LOL.  I ran over to the blog to look and sure nuff....thre is my name!!!  And a link to my blog home!! So yup....MAHVELOUSSSSSSSSS Monday baby!!!!!!  I just began blogging in Feb and I am so blown away by all the goodness that has come my way since then.  I am really gonna have to come up with a giveaway or something to thank everyone!!! Anyone want a couple of teenagers???? At the moment thats all I got!! LOL

And I spoke with my CT boss yesterday from Project B Designs, Bianca.........I have had the worst time DL-ing her stuff to work with and promote.  She has so graciously changed things up just so I can participate.  I swear I love her!!! Most wouldn't go thru that kind of that just proved what an awesome person she is to create for.  If you are into the digi thing click her link above and it will take you to her site and you can find info on how to subscribe to the newsletter and her facebook page. 

Yup.....I am very blessed!!!

Now if  it would only stop

There may be a part 3 a bit later as I have pulled out some stuff to scrap this morning between loads of laudry!  I swear....a mama's work is NEVER done!!

I'll just leave ya guessin!! (wink)
Have a blessed, creative kinda day!!!


CraftyGirl said...

Congrats on your new DT!! I have just checking that one out!! Can't wait to see your work!! You're on a roll girly!!!!
Barb :)

Fern said...

Tina, I can't believe that we are on the same team!!! This is going to be soooooo much fun!! XXX

~Christina~ said...

Congrats on making another DT!!!! Your work is beeeeaaaauuuutiful and needs to be seen by the world :) :) :) :) :) :)