Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ok trying this AGAIN!!

Hello scrappy gals!

Today has been one of those days.......last weekend it was a migraine.  Thsi weekend it's my back.....just shoot me now like an old horse that is ready for the glue factory.  And to think I am just 42 years old....wahhhhhhhhh!!!

We had soem pretty rpugh storms come thru the area yesterday and last night.  I ahve heard it hit some of my neghbors a litle further south really hard so I am hoping that those of you who are my blog buddies who live down yonder are safe and secure today.  We made it thru with just a lot of loud thunder, some hail and REALLY hard rain.  Oddly enough I was expecting the power to go out or the internet connection to ALWAYS drops during rain....heck even just a forecast of rain causes my connection to go haywire.  But nope....strong connection ALL NIGHT!!

BUT.....there is always a but....sighhhhhhh.  Today it is really windy....partly cloudy, sun pops out once in a while and it feels great outside......and we have lost power twice today so far....each time while I am sitting here trying to blog.....grrrrrrrrr!!!!! Now that is just plain mean KUB!! Thats our power service provider here in Knoxville.....makes no sense to me.

So here I am for the 3rd time now trying to get thru a simple blog post.  My mood is deteriorating fast!  I put the kids to work cleaning today. While the power was out they wanted to run in and outside until I finally had enough and told them the next time they came in they wre being put to work.  So the quiet last a while.....funny how the threat of work will do that huh? So I did a little crocheting.....didn't like how it looked and unraveled it all....thought about scrapping something but guess where all of my challenges sketches are? RIGHT!! On the computer!!!! GRRRRRRR!!! So at this point I am beating my head against the wall. So I broke down and began to  So no power means I just swept, cleaned table off, (that is a priority for's my scrapping space...nice to know whats And picked up the mountain of dirty socks that find their way into the living room and under the couch....ewwwwww!! No wonder this plce smells!!! I am forever bleaching the heck out of floors, counters, burning incense and candles...whatever it takes.  And I find out that the smell is teenage dirty foot funk.  Lovely!!  So when the power comes on they all fly back into the house!! We can play playstation or computer now....woooo hoooooo!!!! I don't think they are cleaning my house today...the whole thing. Go me!!!

Nothing much else to share today....I have a DT reveal that I am sittin on that I can't wait to share with everyone!!  I am so lovin my gig over at Scrap It With A Song!!! I really hope if you didn't get around to it last week to pop over this week and check things out.  We had a great first week turnout and the creations posted are all amazing! Seriously! I can't wait to see what everyone does this week! Cuz I know the song.......neener neener neener!!!!!

Also while I am thinking about it I want to take a minute to thank those of you that take time out of your day every day to read my babble and comment.  It means a lot and I am so proud and happy to call so many of you friend!  I try to reply or comment back but don't always have the time.  I have to fight for computer time around here and it's probably only gonna get worse over the summer.  Maybe we can do a "get Tina a laptop" drive or telethon or  That is something I am definately going to look into this summer....not the telethon, I'm just  But I need a laptop.  If for no other reason I can take it and go hide under a tree outside and surf when it gets too crazy in here.....and it's almost to that  Spring fever....gotta love it!!

Well, enough babble.......I am anxiously awaiting the next Studio Calico sketch and I have a sketchy thursday and Sassy Lil Sketches one I am gonna try to do sometime today as well......if everyone will quit coming back here with random items asking me where they go.....UGH!!!!! What is it with guys??? "Oh no, I found a dirty sock...lets take it to mom!" Or "here is 25 year old junk you might need this"

Yeah....Mom has a vagina so that is the equivilant of a GPS for things around the house I guess. Whatever!!!

LOL....ya'll take it easy!  I'll be back tonight...hopefully in a better mood!!!


Fern said...

Hi Tina!! Hope your day went well and your house is spotless!!! I remember those days with my kids.. I was actually wore out just trying to get them to do their cleaning chores.. But hey, it was mostly their mess, so they should have to help clean it up!!! Have a great week, I will be checking back later to see those layouts!!!!!

Emily said...

OMG!!!! You are about to be one busy lady!!! Congrats on making TPE Design team!!!!!

Marlene said...

Foot funk! ROFL!!!