Thursday, April 22, 2010

What was I thinkin?

Wakey, wakey!!!

Eggs and Bakey!!

Well, how about coffee and a vitamuffin? LOL

Thought I'd drop a few lines before I sit and get to work this morning.  I started on a layout yesterday.....and as I was putting things together I had, what I thought at the time, was a brilliant idea.  I decided to do some hand stitching.  Yup......and I don't  It was one of those "Well how hard can this be" kinda moments where an hour later you have stuck yourself fifty bazillion times, have a crick in your neck and really sore hands. hard can it be???

I need to remind myself each time I ask myself that I am headed for 

Actually all things considered it looks really good.  It's just very tedious work.  And my fngers really do  I got about half the stitching done yesterday and hope to get the other half completed today.  Maybe even the entire layout, which would be sweet since I haven't entered any challenges at all this week.  I do own a sewing machine but have no clue how to use it.....I'm a lost  My mom passed it on to me and I took one look at it and was intimidated.  I am thinking I may pull it out this weekend when Bob is gone and see what I can do with it.  I LOVE stitching on layouts and cards but at the moment I am not eager to make the stitching thing a permanent part of my scrapping routine.  But it was something I have never tried so here I go.....wish me luck :)

And while I am at it I wanna thank EVERYONE for all of the thanks and congrats and comments on my DT layout over at Scrap it With A Song.  We have had a really nice turnout for our first challenge too! So I am really excited to see where this leads too and all of the wonderful pages that are being created!  If you haven't already, head on over there and check things out! The prize this week is a beautiful batch of prima flowers!

I am lovin being on Christina's DT! She is super sweet and I tell ya....the DT is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I have peeked at all of their blogs and Jess has posted her first DT page and it is soooo sweet!!  I will link up the entire DT a little bit prepared to be seriously inspired!!  I may even learn to scrap from these girls instead of just faking  OHhhhhh.....and the comments on my page....WOW.  There is a lady over there who I seriously admire.  I stalk her blog.....yeah...not follow....STALK......LOL.  She is on several DTs everywhere (but not there....that I know of) and when she gave me such high praise I bought fell over right in front of the computer......what an honor for me, to have someone I admire and look up to in the scrapping world, even acknowledge my work, let alone speak so highly of me.  I won't mention her name cuz she may file a restraining order.....LOL.  I probably sound a bit like Kathy Bates did in Misery.......LOL.  "I'm your biggest fan!!" LOLOLOL......I'm safe I promise!  And don't even own a sledgehammer :)

So short post this morning.....I am off to complete my stitching!!! It will NOT get the better of me danggit!!!
Jesse is off on a field trip today to the zoo with his kindergarten class.  He is excited and a bit scared too I think.  He has never been on a feild trip and has asked me a million questions...."Who will pick me up from the zoo??" As if they would just leave him  Altho they may confuse him with the monkeys and think he actually lives  Poor fella!  So I am sure I will have lots to tell you about his trip tonight.....part of me really wanted to go.....I have never been to the Knoxville Zoo.  But the other part of me knew that I would get stuck chaparoning a bunch of 5 year olds.  And the teacher always comments about how good I am with children......that is secret code for "if you ever chaparone an event we are sticking you with the problem children" LOL.....Thanks but I will pass!!!

So ya'll have a good day! I'm gonna be smart and actually use a thimble today!



Marlene said...

Have fun at the zoo! :)

Don't be intimidated by that sewing can do it!

(Oh, and yes...use a thimble. Practice safe sewing...heehee.)

CraftyGirl said...

Tina... I have to tell you... I have never laughed so hard after reading a comment as I did yesterday after you left me a comment!! I was literally crying I was laughing so hard because that is exactly what happened!! I had to drive over to my MILs to take the photo!! She didn't mind though since I brought her a frame for the LO while I was at it!!!!! She doesn't keep scrapbooks and since she already had the page, I figured I might as well make it easy for her to set out and admire... after all, her son does walk on water... just ask her, she'll tell ya'!!! :)
So... on to your story... keep up the sewing, the fingers will heal and when you finally get to post it we will all go on and on about how wonderful and amazing it is and you will forget all about the pain!! LOL!! In fact you will probably run right back to your little craft table to do it all over again on a new LO!!!! Have a fabulous day and I hope your son returns safely from the zoo trip!!
Barb :)

Scrapping Haven said...

I think you will do wonderfully when you sit down at that sewing machine. If you need any help email me and I will walk you through it. I will have my phone on me just put sewing in the header.
thatsmerb at gmail dot com

Deanna said...

Lol! Totally understand about the sewing machine thing. I couldn't even get one threaded!!! Let alone sew in a strait line. I hand stitch on layouts but use templates to poke the holes. I think they're from Bazzill. Looking forward to seeing your layout! (Hope you didn't bleed on it...)

~Christina~ said...

You never cease to crack me up!!! :) I totally have a few of those scrappers that I straight up STALK their work. I'm not ashamed LOL.