Thursday, April 22, 2010

When I grow up! (finished the stitching LO!!!)

Hello scrappy friends!

I'm sitting here in the living room with all of the windows and the patio door open enjoying the cool it has been BEAUTIFUL today!! We are expecting rain at some point tonight and over the weekend....figures!! But this is one of my favorite things about spring.....all the windows open and the nice breeze :) 

Bob just took off to go get some ice cream.....yeah I need ice cream like I need a hole in my head.  But I have been really good this week!!! If he knows what's good for him whatever he brings back WILL have chocolate in it!!!

Jesse had a blast at the zoo today!  They had plenty of parents tag along so I don't have to feel guilty about not going.  He was most excited about the tigers.  I'm hoping one of the moms or dads that went along will have some photos they are willing to share. 

And here is the big news......

Yes!!! I finished the layout!!! (doin my happy dance!!) This thing has taken me all day to do.....never in my life has a layout taken me 2 days.  The stitching went faster today and then once I started working with this I couldn't stop......I am a little miffed that my printer is out of ink.  I would much rather have had printed journal strips across some of the circles than my own cruddy printing.  One of my kids said "Don't worry Mom, you can just do the whole thing over again when we have ink!"


I may end up printing the strips and adding them at a later date....but as far as redoing the whole layout??? Um, I don't think so!!!!!

I am done with hand stitching for a while I think.  Maybe something simple like a stitched flower isn't out of the question but we will see.  My next project is likely to be just as big a mess......I am trying to crochet flowers.  Yeah....I am sure I will end up bound and gagged by my own yarn with a crochet hook stuck in my eyeball or something.....cuz, well....that's how I

Ok.....get ready!!


I used the Sunday sketch over at Studio Calico.
I fell in love with this sketch as soon as I seen it.....I love the grid look. I went a little overboard with my journaling....but what else is new? Me going overboard...HA!! Surely you must be kidding!! (I'm not joking and don't call me Shirley!!) Sorry.....Airplane flashback.....hehe :)

This also fits in for this weeks theme at The Pink Elephant where we are challenged to use chipboard AND paint on our layout. (I painted the chipboard)

And I really hope I don't tick the good folks over at TPE off by pointing this out but it was brought up to me by my dear sweet other half (notice I didn't say BETTER half) that there is can I say this nicely???? A.....pleasure device.....yeah that might work! A pleasure device available at skankier retail establishments and online venues called the pink pachyderm. OMG.......I laughed til I cried! Sorry TPE!!! I think from here on out (if they don't ban me) I will just use the

I can kiss my DT application bye bye I bet.......LOL.

Where the heck was I?  This post is going downhill and fast!!!

For Design Dollies it fits the nontraditional object challenge (I used coins)

Practical Scrappers challenged us to use floss (in stitching) fiber or ribbon (used to make the ribbon flower)

So this is a record for me....hittin 4 challenges with one page!  My friend Fern is the queen of multi-challenging! I don't think I can catch her but I gave it a go :)  Luv ya g/f!!

So here it is....
I titled it "when I grow up" and kinda went on a tangent with my journaling about the many things I wanted to be when I was little. The coins represent being  Come to think of it that was my last 7 cents, obviously I never got rich :)  I also added, Artist, secretary, chef , married to Tom Selleck....cmon now......growing up in the 80's what girl didn't think ol Tom was super hot????? I watched Magnum PI just to see him without a shirt.....whewwwww :) A DJ.....I did that one! A writer, a singer, a songwriter, a professional wrestler.....don't

My journaling reads:
When I was a little girl I bet I changed my mind a bazillion times about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Sometimes my mind changed daily.  I was a tomboy  and I think that probably shows in a few of my career choices.  Some of them were very real dreams of mine that still hold a spot in the "one day" file of my soul.  Others....well, obviously they were only on the wishful thinking list.  I never got rich, I never married Tom Selleck, and come to think about it........I never grew up either!

Now for some close ups.....

Check out the flippy do hair.....LOL.  Ohhh my gosh!!  That is my 6 yr old self....ready to take on the world!!! I can't believe I am showing that......LOL.

A close up to show I did indeed stitch this!!!!  It is not a rub on or drawn!!!! And I know they are not perfect......LOL.  I'm not perfect so why should my scrapping be??  And you can see my spray painted chipboard alphas there too! And you can see the edge of my ribbon flower.

And this one is a shot of a rosette flower I made.  It looks way better in person and other than the fact it's paper it is really recognizable as a  It's actually really pretty and I made several more out of some scraps.

And since today is earth day I vow that almost everything on this page is recycled or scraps from another project.  All the circles are scraps of Studio Calico Anthology, DCWV Grade School Stack, MME, Paper studio and K & Co.  The floss used is from a cross stitch kit tht has been laying around here for a couple of years that I will never do.  The smaller flowers are something someone gave me.

All in all I am pretty happy with it.  Mostly proud of myself for even finishing it and not chucking it in the trash....LOL.

Before I forget......there is still plenty of time to enter the first challenge EVER over at Scrap It With A Song!  I am totally amazed and impressed....not just with the turn out so far but with the entries.....WOWOWOWOW!!!  Ya'll are pretty good at this sorta thing :)  It's always fun to win a challenge and get bragging rights but how cool would it be to say you were the first winner EVER!! Maybe I can make a crown or something for the  Or how about a beanie with a propeller on top??  Yeah I know.......shut up and blog Tina.......

One last thing before I sign off.  If you are the praying type please keep one of my blogging friends Karyn from over at French Charming in your prayers.  She is having some major neck and back issues and in so much pain she can't even be on the computer right now.  She is an amazing woman and has a BEAUTIFUL blog.....and well, I miss her!! I want her to get better and come back soon :)  I have dealt with ruptured discs and surgery and it is quite painful.  So just drop her a comment and tell her to hurry up and get better so she can help keep me in

And that my friends brings us to the end of this post! Yeahhhhh I am long winded tonight!! Marlene will just love  Tomorow is Friday so I have an early pick up day with Jesse, I promised him if it's not raining we will go to the park or the duck pond after school.  Hopefully tomorrow night I can do a couple of the challenges I have set aside. And yup....Saturday I am tackling the sewing machine!!!!! Wish me luck!!!

Luv ya'll!


Deanna said...

Lol! Commented on your last post and there was a new one waiting! The layout is GREAT! The sewing looks wonderful!! And I don't think your writing is horrible at all! Keep that on there! lol Have a great weekend!

~Christina~ said...

That is so great!!!!!! I absolutely love it :)

It's been so beautiful here, but there was rain coming (it got here today loud and proud!!! LOL) so we had to shut the windows and kick on the A/C for a few days because the humidity was out of control.

Toucan Scraps said...

absolutely super page. and what's wrong with your handwriting?

Kristy said...

WoW! Super cute LO! Great idea for your found object! Thanks for playin with us DOllies!

Marlene said...

ROFL....yup - you're long winded today, alright!!!

First - let met tell you I LOVE your handwriting! It's pretty! I'm not even being sarcastic for once!

Second - yes, I will keep your friend in my prayers.

Third - and most importantly - I LOVE that you were brave enough to post a pic of yourself as a kid! HA HA HA!!!! We all have "hair" pics we'd rather not show the world. Yours isn't so bad! ;)

CraftyGirl said...

Girl... you sure have a lot to say!! LOL!! I thought I would read through this quickly before leaving work... now 30 minutes later... :) So... I LOVE your LO!! I can't believe all the stitching you did!! No wonder it took you 2 days!! That is just crazy! But totally worth it! The final product is amazing!!! I love that you were brave enough to post a picture of you from when you were 6! Don't even bother checking my blog for such a crazy post!!! Thanks for sharing your LO and all your big dreams as a kid!!
Barb :)

Anonymous said...

This layout is awesome! I like your take on the sketch and the little photo up in the corner.

practical scrappers DT

Jenn K said...

What a wonderful layout! Love it! I am so glad you joined us on The pink Elephant! Hope to see you again!

Trudi said...

Fabulous layout, love the sketch and all the circles and the stitching! Thanks for joining our scrapping challenge this week at TPE

Fern said...

Tina, this is fabulous!!! Look at all of the stitching you did and I love your list (especially Tom Sellek)!! You did a fantastic job with all of the challenges gf!!!

aussiescrapper said...

This is fantastic, I just love all the great technique on this layout. Great job and thanks for playing with us at the Dollies.