Friday, April 9, 2010

Who is ready for the weekend?

Not me thats for sure! I have barely gotten over spring break last  I hope this weekend will be better but I know it won't.....we are all getting a heavy dose of spring fever around here and everyone is getting on everyone's nerves. 

We had gorgeous weather heere most of the week.......temps in the mid to upper 80's! Then yesterday we were shocked right back into reality with nothing but rain all day and temps barely in the 50's.  Yeah....THANKS for that Mother Nature!! You cranky ol broad!!!

So today at least the sun is out! I can deal with the cold as long as the sun is  Today is Jesse's early pickup day so maybe we wil head to the park for a couple of hours while waiting on Brandon this afternoon.  My plans for tomorrow are to find some yard sales!! I am on a quest.....I'm looking for old junk jewelry I can use for making scrappy stuff.  I have checked every thrift store in Knoxville and come up with nothing!  When I get an idea in my head I just can't rest....I'm weird like that.  Well, in other ways 

I told ya we are all getting spring fever........what does spring do to you??  I have an urge ro redecorate a room.....LOL.  More like completely rip it up and start all over :)  Bob's mom used to live with us.......she moved out and next door with her b/f (she is almost 70 years old.....don't even ask....just wait for it to come on Oprah or Springer) and when she moved she left everything.  EVERYTHING! And we have this spare room where I have not been allowed to touch anything.  So with me being me......I'm sure you know where this is going.......I wanna redo it....just cuz I'm not supposed too......LOL.  I'm not kidding, have you seen the show hoarders? That is her!! I would take photos and post them but I'm embarrassed too.......and it takes a lot to embarrass  It's a mess.  Her and her b/f are SUPPOSED to be moving a modular home in next door......I say trailer, they say modular....same  And when they do she will have room to move some of her stuff out.  And the room will be MINE!!!! And I am gonna paint it red!!! Seriously!  I have been looking around and I have decided on a shabby chic kinda thing in all red and white......I'm turning it into my scrap/craft/thinking  I'm excited to get started but can't til she gets her stuff out....wahhhhhhhh!!!

Nuff of my whining!!

I have a few layouts to share today! And I wanna say THANK YOU to those of you who read my babble! Seriously! I am amazed there are 19 people out there who would follow me  Ya'll must be as lost as I am :)  I do love reading the comments and would like to add that my email addy is attached somewhere on my blog.....feel free to email me and drop a hello or whatever.  I haven't quite figured out how to reply to your comments please don't think I am ignoring you or I don't care what you have to say......I do!!!  I'm just tech stupid.....LOL.

Ok....layouts......first one is the sketch challenge at Sassy Lil Sketches.  I loved the sketch and I thought I was being slick by combining it with several other challenges but I really goofed and got all of my requirements mixed up....oppps!! HATE when that happens!!!   But at least I got one of them  Here's the sketch...
And my take..
For some reason I LOVE the journal strips and cut out letters right now......I think it's the psycho side of me trying to get loose....reminds me of ransom notes.....maybe I should get my dr to increase my I love how the snowman looks so big in the solo photo....then with the boys he is puny.....LOL.  This is Jacob and Jesse outside during the BIG snow of the year.  You can see how thrilled they are that I follow them everywhere with a is tough when your Mom is a scrapper :)

All the papers are from The Paper Studio, the Alpha is thickers and I added the bling to it, I was short an "E" so improvised once again......LOL.  Added buttons, and punhed the snowflakes from packaging we got in the mail and left the sticker on part of it and then sprayed a couple of them with air chalk. FUN STUFF that air chalk!!!  I used a fiskers punch and it is supposed to be "bling" but I think it looks like snowflakes or that's what I use it for......LOL.  Typed out the lyrics to Frosty The Snowman because I was originally going to use this for a song challenge but I forget to add a flower as well and at the last minute a flower just didn't and snow don't mix!  The Font is called Freezing.

Next up is the "Dream Challenge" at  Frosted Designs and the "One Little Word" challenge at Challenge Masters.  And the word just so happens to be Dream! I love it when they work together like this......LOL.
Simply create a layout using the word dream....easy peasy!
Yup....obviously another digital creation!  I belong to lots of yahoo groups and this photo came thru one....I LOVE scrapping babies!! I have no clue who to cedit for the photo.  It wasd originally color and I made it black and white and left the color in the bubbles. Let me tell ya....TEDIOUS process!! But I love how it turned out!! Other credits include Paper:JenLin Designs Snowy Dawn Grey Edged. Lace Button,  Scrappy Expressions Night Before Christmas, Stitching by Sunflowers Vintage Christmas sampler.

And speaking of babies......I found this blog the other day while hopping around (and ya'll thought that was an earthquake in California....nope...just It's called Scrap That Baby.  Oh my gosh how perfect!!! I am serious.......I love scrapping babies!! They will lay there and be all cute and never complain as you are taking  So they wanted to see "On the day you were born" scraps.  I already used Jesse's First photos....a few times I  So I have one of Bob.....bwhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!  Yeah I'm evil!!
This one is digital as well.......but I tried to make it look like paper!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh my gosh he was cute!!! Look at all of that hair!!! I promise that is a newborn photo and he is not wearing a wig and the hair club for men didn't exist in 1967....I don't think.....LOL.  He still has a head full of hair but it's mostly gray now.  I guess it doesn't matter what color it turns so long as it doesn't turn loose......LOL

Credits for this one are *Papers:Creshan's "Afternoon Cha"

*Stitching:Ldrag Designs "Vintage Liliac Dreams" addon
*Mist:Lily Designs "Angel"
*Ribbon:Martencja Designs "Delicacy"
*Word Art: Opal Scraps "Candy Dayz"
*Doodly Wing Things and Butterflies:Veronica Kiarolyi "Sweet Affection"
*Frame: No clue
*Font: Liana
*Created in PSPX2

Ok....I am done for this morning!!!  Got lots to do today and very little time to do it in so hopefully I can get back with ya'll tonight and show off some more scrap :)

Have a great Friday!!


Fern said...

OMGosh gf you are a riot!!! The layouts are fabulous!! Love the journaling on "Frosty", along with the colors you used, and the photo of the boys is precious. One day they will move away and laugh about all of this ~ or maybe not!! Maybe just go to therapy and talk about it! LOL
And speaking of precious ~ the baby and bubbles is just that!!! Luuuuuuv what you did with the bubbles!!!
And finally Bob's layout! What can I say, ADORABLE AND SUPER SWEET!!!!
Hope it warms up so you can enjoy your weekend!!! XXXX

Marlene said...

Love reading you. As you said to me once, "you ain't right!" ROFL!!! You're all over the place, and that just makes me giggle.

Love the layouts. You're awfully darned craftastic for being a nutter. Oh yeah - nutters are usually the creative type! ;)

Trimgym said...

Hi Tina, lovely to see you joining us at CRAFT Challenge this week. Great buttons card. Thank you for joining us and good luck!

Jo and Tigerlover.

Sarah said...

awww such a sweet baby layout!

and i love that frosty one too!!

Julie said...

Fabulous layouts especially Frosty. I love the little hournalling tags. Thanks for joining us at C.R.A.F.T. this week.
Julie x

Jenny said...

omgosh, love the stitching and those butterflies. thanks for joing us at STB!!

Kristin Summer said...

Girl, you crack me up! Love both the layouts, and his little hairdo on the second one is adorable! Thanks for scrapping that baby with us!