Friday, April 16, 2010

Yup....I am alive!

Kinda :)

I have been fighting with a migraine all week and really haven't felt up to doing much.  I still have the twinges of it and can feel it mocking me and threatening to come back.  So this post will be kinda short.  Sorry Marlene :)  I must say that made me feel good to know that you look forward to several minutes of my babble each day.....also proves you are indeed crazier than me......LOL.

It's been a rough week.  My ex has me so angry I want to choke him or put a hex on him or something evil.  He is over $5000 behind in child support and I can't get the state to do anything.......BUT he can take me to court over silly crap.  And has!!!  I am just sick to death of dealing with him.......exes are usually exes for a  He has somehow decided that my oldest son Matt isn't living he came to this conclusion I dunno.  And why he even cares after 10 years of not seeing the kids is beyond me.  Just a huge mess.  It kills me how these jerks can go on about thier every day life while the one who is left behind has to do whatever it takes to keep food on the table and clothes on the kiddo's backs.  He left 10 years ago while I was 6 months pregnant, took MY car and parked it at a greyhound bus station and caught a bus to Amarillo Texas......and I didn't even find out where he was, where my car was or ANYTHING until 3 days later, after I had filed a missing persons report.......and he emailed me.  Lovely huh?  So he eventually married this woman and they have moved all over Texas and Ky.  He is a convicted felon and like I said, has not once sent the kids anything for birthdays, Christmas  or anything.......he has only in the past year or so started going on about his "rights"  As far as I am concerned he gave those up.  LOTSA drama!!!

There are also so many people in my life going thru rough times in thier life that I feel like a wuss complaining about mine.  A couple of friends have lost loved ones this week, 4 actually, another of my dear blog friends Karyn is having a LOT of issues with her back and neck and has been in too much pain to even be online lately. (Miss you Karyn!!) And we just found out a family friend passed away a couple of years ago and no one contacted us.  We kinda lost track of her after Jesse was born....that happens sometimes....the kids come and you are so wrapped up in just getting thru the day with them that you let everything else just go.  Well, Bob found her kids on facebook this week and we found out she passed away from Lung Cancer.  This comes at the exact time that Bob has picked up smoking and Jesse has been telling him that "Smoking will make you dead Daddy" cuz he is learning that in school........WOW.  And so far he hasn't picked up a cigarette since :)  But it is so sad.......she left behind a wonderful family, 3 children of her own.....2 were grown and the other is 14 and a freshman in HS.  The same age as Jacob.  He is living with his older brother because his father left when he was just a baby......I cried my eyes out when I heard this.  Made me vow to take better care of myself so hopefully I will be around for a very long time!! 

Ok.....enough seriousness this morning.  I guess I just needed to get that off my chest.

I have one lonely little challenge LO to share with ya'll this morning.  It's not completely finished.  I still need to journal but for the most part it came out pretty cute.  Its for the scraplift challenge over at xoxOGirls .  If you have never visited you should.  The have an AWESOME DT and they put up the DT pages for you to scraplift your pick of.....can do as many as you want! This month they are sponsored by the Snobby Walrus and just look at what they are giving away!!!
What a killer RAK!

So I chose this LO by Sarah Nolan

Mine didn't turn out as sweet as hers  But my favorite elements of this page are the inked or stitched's hard for me to tell which it is.  But since I had a headache no way was I gonna drag the sewing stuff  And everyone knows by now my fascination with these journal strips....or in this case labels.    I haven't added those yet cuz we are out of printer  I may just hand write it and add it.  I added my border with a plain ol red ink pen.

Such sweet brothers huh? LOL.  Even tho this was a few years back this is pretty much still the relationship they share.....only difference is the one crying is sometimes reversed  The color looks really washed out here but it is actually pretty bright and cheerful.  The background stock is from Cosmo Cricut's Snorkle.  All the other paper comes from Paper Studio.  I cute the block letters out of a sheet of paper and glued to cardstock and popdotted them altho you can't see that here either.  That little square white thing is just paper......and I am too lazy to just take another pic.....LOL.  Also used white thickers cuz I needed "O's and "E"s The die cut banner is from K & Co. I won the twine and am FINALLY using it!!!

There are some super cute LOs on teh xoxOgirls blog this time around....well, there always is! But I missed my chance to play last go round......I need to follow them more closely....such a fun place!!!

Well, I gotta run! I have a load of laundry in the wash and can hopefully get it done soon and dried so I will have something to wear other than sweats today.  My mom is driving down from Ky and we are going to lunch.  Odd I know......well, it is if you know my mom and I.......LOL.  So I'm sure I will have interesting stuff to tell ya'll about this entire day with my mom just might make me crack!! LOL.  Jacob is spending the weekend with a  friend, Brandon is going back to Ky with mom til Sunday and I think Bob is going shooting in the's gonna be QUIETTTTTT here!!! WOOO HOOOOO! Get to sleep in AND scrap!!!!

Enjoy your friday ya'll!


Fern said...

Hang in their gf!! Not for sure what I would if I were in your shoes, Tina.. But, if anything happens in his favor, their is something seriously wrong with the "system"!!!!
Your layout is super cute, Love the colors, and the blocked letters are perfect!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! XXXXX

{Sarah} said...

Sooo cute!! I love your take on my layout! =) Thanks so much for playing along with us over at xoxOGirls!!

kmassman said...

I can empathize with you on the migraine. Hope you are feeling well now. Your layout is fun!!!