Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you ready for a new TPE Challenge???

This one is cool! Well actually its HOT!!!! Why HOT you ask???
Because this week at The Pink Elephant we have a theme challenge for ya!

Are ya ready for it? I mean REALLY ready????

The theme is SUMMER!!!!!! (does it make sense now? Never mind!)

For a lot of us school is now out and for the rest of ya it soon will be.  So its time for lots of summer fun!'s not real fun here yet...I keep waiting for kids missed the memo I 

So see how easy? Thats it....scrap your summer photos or use a summer theme....maybe you have some at the beach photos.....last day of school....Memorial day is pretty much the official kick off to the summer season and I'm sure somewhere out there someone is having a BBQ.....or how about a ball game? Or just hangin out...seriously.....this one is super easy!!

I have a couple of my own to share....actually 3.  Yeah I was a bit of an over achiever this week! Well, the story goes like this.......HEY!!!!! I can see ya'll grimacing!! STOP THAT! I also heard those mutterings of "Geeeeeeeeze does she have a story for everything???"
As a matter of fact yes I do!! I was sayin.....

The reason I made 3 pages is I felt bad cuz I did them digitally.  Now, I know I shouldn't feel bad, but quite a while back I belonged to this scrapping group,  and they did little challenges and such and I caught a LOT of flack for submitting digital pages.  Some members felt it was unfair or that I had an advantage because I did them digitally.  I don't know if they thought I just pasted a photo on something pre-done and called it mine or what.  Seriously, I do not roll like that!!! Everything I create is mine.  At times I use a template but templates are the digital equivilant to sketches.  And trust me, I am not any better at sticking with the template than I am sticking to a sketch.....LOL.  It's rarely recognizable at all but if I used a template I will still give the creator credit and leave them scratching their head wondering what on earth I did to mess it up.....LOL.  What can I say....I gotta be me :)

So that being said here are my 3 pages :)
Now I dunno if they will actually use all 3 at TPE this week or not or even which one they choose to use because as I type this it is only 10:15 pm.  And by the time you read this it will be after 12:30 am EST.  Ahhh the joys of preblogging!!!! But don't worry and leave me a note saying "Dude! They totally left out a couple of your pages!!!" It's cool :) Really! I just wanted to cover my rump and do a good job for Lori and the gang at TPE.  They are so awesome and everyone is super dyna whoppin creative.....I am lucky they even let me hang out with

Yeah I know.....shut up already and show the pages!!!!
As you can see I dug thru my memory card and found some older pix......these are some of the little girls from church.  We had a huge picnic and baptism in the mountians.  Arent they just adorable? The 2 dark haired girls are sisters and the blonde cutie is the Pastor's daughter.  This page was created with a kit by Kay Miller called Slice of Life.  Font used is busy babs.
This one also uses Slice of summer by Kay Miller, the messy circle stitching (yup it's supposed to look that Also by Kay Miller but from the kit titled Wings Photo from unknown source....came thru my email and I liked it and saved it :) Fruity Salad (fruity decals) by Robyn's Chic Scraps , Font 2peas think pink.

And last but not least
This little cutie is another of my friends from church named Braxton and I just LOVE this photo I caught of him.  Doesn't he look sweet? I felt like a real photographer when I saw this
Kits used....ribbon Scrapladies InCa freebie
"cute" WA from Lauraskathi Iphaligio kit
papers tammyKats Don't Bug Me
Flowers and Kit from Robin Carlton Imagine That
Everything else Amanda Resendes Oh happy Day

So there ya go.....c'mon over to The Pink Elephant and play along!!!!

Catch ya later taters! I have a couple more LOs to share but I didn't wanna kill ya with one post.....LOL


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i can't believe peeps would give u garbage for posting a digi page!! I couldn't do a digi page if my life depended on it!! LOL!! i totally give kudos to those that can!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these...I am loving that photo of the baby head first into the watermelon!! tooooooooooooooo cute! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Fern said...

Girl, I need to start reading your blog at the beginning of lunch hour and not the end, because I might get fired before I can get this comment typed!!! LOL jk!! Tina, your digi layouts "ROCK" I wished I were half as talented as you are on these digis.... All three layouts are adorable..... I don't really have a favorite one!! And I can't believe that someone would complain about something that's supposed to be fun anyway... I think they should have step down and not you.... Anyhoo I luv your work, gf and we won't complain!!! Hugs!!!

CraftyGirl said...

Oh My Word!!!! Is seriously need to learn digital!!!! These are all spectacular!!!! I agree with the other girls....this totally works for the challenges and you should be proud of your amazing digi talent!!!
Barb :)

~Christina~ said...

First of all as someone who does both digital and paper equally, i can attest to the fact that digital takes every bit of effort as the paper layouts one might creat! That is why when I created SIWAS I was adamant it include digi and paper alike! Oh and I LOVE your layouts as always :) :) :)

sarahw said...

I love, love, love those watermelon pages!! Are those the digital ones (see I wouldn't know the difference) When I first saw them in the gallery I was in awe. Hugs, Sarah