Sunday, May 16, 2010

Big girls DO play with Dollies!!!! (Design Dollie Sketch Challenge)

Yes they do! This one does! And I ain't ashamed of it!!! I'm talkin bout the DESIGN DOLLIES of course!!!!!!!

I swear, I need a PR job somewhere.....I'm pretty good at this.....LOL.

I am gonna "attempt" to keep this post short and sweet........just like me!!! We are having bad weather here in Knoxville today and my internet is being very tempermental! I tried to do this last night but ZAP!! Out went the power.  Hate when that happens!

That doesn't mean my weekend has been me! It needs it's own blog post....seriously! Or Springer episode maybe!

So back to the task at hand......the Design Dollies sketch! I love all of thier challenges.  And all of the Dollies :)  And this sketch is way cute!  Take a peek!

These half circle LO's are all over the place lately! Actually circles in general. Or at least in most of the sketches I have seen lately.  So I seen this and I set to do my thing with it yesterday.....whatever that "thing" may  I was gonna say my magic but we all know that is BS :)  But I had these cute pix of Jesse and his friend Nicholas at the zoo during the field trip a week ago.  Nicholas's mommy passed them along to me at the Mother's Day Tea party. She is so sweet! I have bunches of pix of the last few weeks of Kindergarten events but I am gonna scrap them.  So rather than share them all and then share them AGAIN when I show off my page I will just do it once.   

So, I sat to do this page yesterday....and cut my circle out and then cut it in half and realized "CRAP!!! I cut my paper upside down!!!"

How do you cut paper upside down you may wonder.....Well, it is printed and has words.  So I just flipped the design and did it from the other side...which was kinda weird for me. I tend to want to put everything on the left side of my pages....I have noticed this trend.  So I worked the other way and it seemed to take

I used plain ol kraft cardstock which I am now buying in bulk cuz I love it so much. This page is really SO much brighter than it shows up here.   All the patterned papers and the "Welcome to the jungle" embellie are DCWV Safari Kids (boys) I haave to specify that even tho it's obvious cuz they also have a super cute girls collection with a lot of pinks :) (There's a heads up to Julie who has some great zoo pix of her little girl Brookie!) The alpha is from Pink Paislee's blog winnings from last week!! It's so cool in real life and looks like wood. PERFECT for this page and the colors!

So there ya have it!!

Check back either later tonight or in the morning.  We will be kicking off another week at Scrap It With A Song and have a new song for you to draw inspo from and a BUNCH of awesome DT eye candy! AND the winner from this past week will be announced as well as the few, the proud, the elite TOP FIVE!!! And trust was HARD to choose this week!!!

Cya later tater :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

crap crap crap! I missed TRUE COLORS!! Dangit! :( I wanted to do that one....maybe I still will! :):):):):) thanks for the shout out my love....U are toooooooooooo sweet!! and hehehehehehehehehehe 'the jerry springer' show...that made me giggle...loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo....those photos are soooooooooooooo fun and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee me some Kraft! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Emily said...

Your layout is so super cute. I love the letters. The pictures work so well with this. I have to admit I have missed your posts. I know it has only been the weekend but you make me smile and giggle to myself (which makes hubby wonder what I am up to...hheheheheheeh). I hate that I didn't join in at scrap it with a song this week but Cyndi Lauper's voice is like finger nails down a chalk board to me. I am always up for a challenge but I like to listen to the song until my own light bulb turns on and I couldn't do it with that song.

You need to look in August cause there is a scrap-booking convention in Charlotte. You definitely need to see if your hubby can take the kids for a few days and come play with us. I have suckered my mom into one night and I think a scrap class teacher that I work with. Now I just have to annoy you until you say yes....heheheheheh.


~Christina~ said...

This is super cute! I am diggin all the circles in LOs lately too :)

~Christina~ said...

I left you some sunshine on my blog :) :)

~Christina~ said...

I left you some sunshine on my blog :) :)

CraftyGirl said...

Tina... you are right... this sketch is so fun... and I love the way you flipped it!! The way you did your title looks great and look at that journaling!! You go girl!! Love it!!
Barb :)

Kelly Massman said...

I'm beginning to expect a zany or cute take on your LOs! They are so fun!

Fern said...

Tina you are a pro at these boy layouts!!!! This one "Rocks", super cute photos and I really like it on the other side!!! I wish I could journal like you do. I tend to stick mine on the back so no one can see it unless you take it out of the album!!! Anyhooo this is precious!!!! Hugs!!!

Leah the Orange said...

you do the same thing i do - most of my layouts seem to be oriented one way (with the pics on the left) - i think it has to do with the way we read... but your page is awesome, and i'm LOVING the kraft base. :) way to make it work after that little mix-up, girlie! xo

thanks for playing with us in the Dollhouse again! :)

Kristy said...

FABBY! Love how you flipped it! (even if it was accidently LOL!!!) it looks fab! Thanks for playin with us Dollies!