Sunday, May 23, 2010

Design Dollies and Scrappiest challenges!

Hellooo girlies!

Oh how I have missed blogging! And scrapping!! And I get to do both today....yayyyyyyyyy!  Thursday was the kids last day of school.  I am feeling somewhat ambivilant about this.  On the one hand I don't have to get up at 6:30.  That I LOVE!!!  But the boys are already driving me bonkers.  That I can live without!  Mostly it's Jesse....I dunno what has gotten into him but he is at that phase where he wants me in his eyesight every single second.  If I go to the store he wants to go and if I say no.....major tantrum! He has started whining about EVERYTHINNG and that just isn't typical of him.  I read him pretty well and I can see it in his eyes that he is working hard at manipulating me....he has to work those tears up and they dry up way too fast to be honest tears ya know?  I just try to ignore it and go on about my business but it is really wearing on my nerves!  He never went thru the terrible twos or threes so maybe he is slow in this  I just hope it doesn't last long!

We had a nice family evening outside tonight after I finsihed my second page.   Bob, myself and the boys just kinda hung out of the patio talking and being silly.  We have been spending a LOT of evenings out on the patio lately...grilling and Jacob practicing his guitar.  So I am going to work at redocorating the  Silly? Maybe! But I am looking for an excuse to decorate something...anything!!! I am hoping to get Jesse and Brandon a set of bunk beds soon and redo their room so they have room to actually move and play.  Right now all of their toys are in another room....well, SUPPOSED to be in another room. They are....kinda....right now they are scattered everywhere cuz they don't have the room for storage right now.  So I'm hoping that bunks and some built in shelves will be just the ticket.  I have been cruising lots of DIY blogs and trash to treasure types blogs and am so inspired and ready to get at it!  If only my bank account were as ready as I am!!

So, what have ya'll been up to since I have been gone?  I'm sure it's only been a couple of days but it feels like a lifetime to me! So much has happened here......I really hope your lives have been calmer than mine!!

I have much I want to share, included pix of our pickup truck that our neighbor from across the road plowed into last weekend while "pushing" his car out of the garage.  I'm not kidding.   He is an elderly man....87 years old with a severe drinking problem.  He is like our neighborhood Otis the drunk....that guy on Andy Griffith? When sober he is a doll and a gentleman.....when drinking he is a PITA! He's not mean, he just does really idiotic crap.  It's actually funny sometimes to watch because he thinks his wife doesn't know he drinks.  She is half blind and wanders around the garage looking for his liquor stash.  Every once in a while she finds it and all hell breaks loose over there.  Very entertaining yet sad to see a man that age doing this to himself and his wife.

Anyway, his son came down from Atalanta and took something off the engine of his car so he can't drive it......he fixed it....sorta.  It will start but not he has been pushing it in and out of the garage with the riding mower......the night before this happened I told Bob that was an accidnet waiting to happen.  Little did I know!! But I thought he would end up running over his wife or something.  Thank goodness it was only our truck and no one was hurt!! He sat a brick down and "thought" it would stop his car.  Well he missed the brick and it got away from him and he took out our truck, our garbage cans, paper box and the little thing we had built to keep our garbage cans in.  Pitiful......did $5,000 worth of damage to the truck.  But guess insurance OR drivers license.

Oh brother!!!

So Bob is negotiating with them.  So far no conclusion....they have their son coming in to look at it even tho we have 3 different estimates and that is the low one.  I expect this will get uglier before it gets resolved.

Once again....NEVER boring around here!!! LOL

Ready for some eye candy?  I'm pretty happy with BOTH pages tonight! That almost never happens :)  I've actually completed 5 today but I can show you 2  right now...the others you gotta wait for :)

First up is the Sketch Challenge over at Design Dollies! Ya'll know how much I love the Doll House! And truthfully......every challenge over there is so much fun! But there are jsut never enough hours in the day or days in the week for me to play with all of them.  I keep threatening that ONE DAY I will get ALL OF THEM finished!!! It's number one on my bucket list......LOL.  And I am only half joking!!!

But get a load of this awesome sketch!!!

The moment I saw it everything just clicked! I used a photo of Jesse from Easter with his basket.....look how cute!!!

I just love this one! I used a kraft base and Basic Grey Lime Rickey.....I have gotten SO much mileage out of this kit!! I think this is the 4rth layout with it....and I ain't sick of it yet!! The flowers and fan shape are from one of the patterened papers that I wasn't real fond of.  So I cut the flowers out and then with what was left I just punched circles out of it. I used Thickers and had to improvise with my  the first "E" is a backwards "3".  The "g"s are upside down sixes, the 2nd "e" was an "a" that I cut the tail off of. The "N" is actually a "Z". I like the way the title is looks like I did it on purpose....LOL.  Honestly I ran out of room so I just ran with it.  I glued some buttons to the flower centers and the word "Easter" is just felt letters.....these are the felties I brag about so much that I found with the felt and foam at Hobby Lobby with a TON of letters for under 2 bucks. The journaling reads......"it's an Eggzellant easter when your basket is almost as tall as you are" And it was!!! up is this weeks challenge # 65 at The Scrappiest.  I loved this one too!! Liz always has amazing sketches!

And this is my slightly different take on it.....but look! I'm so looks a lot like this one! LOL......both of my sketch layouts this week do....yayyyyyy!  So I didn't stray too far away :)  The star of this page is my now 14 year old....this was when he was in 8th grade and was on the track team.  He did VERY well and these photos were taken at the County Invitational where his school placed 8th.  He won 3 medals too!!  It titled this one "Makin Trax" and again, I had to improvise with my letters and use what I had.

I LOVE the colors in this one!! The base is Basic Grey Lime Rickey (again!!) and the papers are from both BG Lime Rickey and Cosmo Cricket Get Happy. Cosmo Cricket is my other favorite brand right now.   My embellies are from Cosmo Cricket and K & Co and my title is Thickers and foamies from Hobby Lobby.

And there ya have it!!  A very productive day for me today! It's just hard on me when I have stuff I wanna share and I gotta wait!! Can you imagine how I am during Christmas? LOL

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! We are expecting NOTHIN but sunshine for the rest of the week but it's gonna be HOT! I'm hopin to get some yard stuff done and I will be sharin more scrappy stuffies with ya soon.....hopefully no more headaches for a while!!

Luv's ya!


Emily said...

Your letters are so stinking cute. It does look like you did it on purpose. If you get 5 layouts dont in one day you are doing so much better then I am. I actually can scrap just about every day if I want but I have lot my mojo. It sucks.

I cant wait to see your DT reveals. I am sure they are fabulous.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

That totally sucks about your truck...i would be livid!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo's.....GORGEOUS as always my dearest! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

~Christina~ said...

We got out the same day. So far so good...but Daddy has been off work Fri, Sat and Sun so the true test is when he goes to work tomorrow and the kids live through the day LMBO!!!

Love the layouts

Kelly Massman said...

Really love the Easter layout! The track one is fun too!

CraftyGirl said...

Tina... your life is never boring is it?!! sorry to hear about the truck... just glad it wasn't a person! And both of your LOs are amazing!! Great work !!
Barb :)

Kristy said...

Your Jesse sounds totally like my Kenton! He never really had the terrible twos but now is trying really hard to regress to there :P

LOVE your take on the sketch this week! Esp your craftiness with the title! LOL! I dig it! And your pic made me giggle! That basket is about as big as he is!!!! Thanks for playin in the Dollhouse!

Lisa said...

Love both your layouts! Your title for the last one is awesome! Thanks for joining us this month at the Scrappiest! Hope you get your truck fixed with as little hassle as possible!

Fern said...

Oh Tina, I'm so sorry about your truck, I'm just glad the kids weren't anywhere near it when it happened!! On a happier note, your layouts are fab!! Lovin' the colors and the letters are fantastic!! Look at you go!! Scrap on my scrappy friend!!!!!Take care!!! XXXXX

Leah the Orange said...

oh my gosh, T - your blog is always full of entertainment! this post had me gasping and laughing and drooling all at once! girlfriend, i love the pages - so happy to see you've scrapped the easter pic! well done with the title improvising! ;)

thanks for playing with the Dollies again - and for always showing us the love! xo

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Great pages! Thanks for playing along with the Design Dollies!

~Christina~ said...

You did WONDERFUL!!!!! I just finished that 'The Scrappiest' sketch. It was a tough one. :)