Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Hello :)

Have a GREAT Memorial day?? We did absolutely nothing and I enjoyed it....LOL.  Tomorrow it's back to real life and house work and other yucky stuff....BAH!!!

The rain managed to hold off today but geeze it was humid!!!  Jesse and I did go out for a while today....mainy cuz I needed to photograph my layout......see, I have my priorities ya know!!! We took a little walk to the back yard (we have a huge yard so don't call me lazy!!!!)  A couple of summers ago we discovered we had a Mulberry is growing right along with a tree and it's really kinda hard to tell where one ends and the other begins....well, except for the berries of course!! It has been here for as long as the house has stood....which is about 35 years.  But believe it or not no one EVER noticed berries on it before.  I dunno if Bob's family never left the house or what......wouldn't surprise  I foud them and being the brave super mom type I am I went ahead and ate one.  My kids freaked out....."OMG Mommmmmmm you'll die!!!!!"  See, I ahve instilled good values in them and good sense which somehow manages to escape me most of the time :)  Obviously I didn't die....DUH!! They look a LOT like blackberries but anyone who has ever been out in the country or found them growing along the side of the road can tell ya about those briars and thorns....but TOTALLY worth a few quarts of yummy blackberries!! Mulberries are thorn free........yayyyyyy! And slightly sweeter.....and almost ready to pick!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!! Look.......I took a photo.....LOL.

Another couple of weeks and I will have berries!!!!!  And I got to play with my zoom cuz this was wayyyyyy over my head.....LOL.  I'm so easily amused :)

And of course where ever there is a camera Jesse wants to here he is, not sure what he was saying but it looks like he was yelling.....he may have been, he's five and five eyar olds scream a lot even when they aren't trying too.......he has no concept of INSIDE VOICE!!!!

What a ham!!!

I got some scrapping done last night but it was too late to photograph it.  I found this GREAT sketch over at Studio Calico.....and I love it!
 I love grid designs...they are so easy to do and they always look good.  I think I will do another one digitally becuse at the moment I have way more cool digi elements than ones I can actually glue.  But I think this turned out cool.  I used some stuff I won last month and had almost forgotten about......Its called "Rewind" by Kaiser Kraft and is PERFECT for boys, teens or the video gamer in your life...super cool stuff.  I wish it had a lot more embellies tho.

The Rewind tag in the middle is actually the product tag that came on the rub on package.  It was super sturdy a I thought it looked cool so there it  This is one of my very favorite photos too.  This is Bob and Brandon when he was about 3.  Brandon's father left before he was born and Bob is really the only father Brandon has ever known. And it shows here I think.....and this was way before Bob's health problems started and he looks Sooooooooooo handsome here :):):) And my little man is pretty cute too!!!

This one also happens to fit into the challenge this week over at The Sisterhood Of Scrappers which is to use lots of numbers.  I'm not sure what constitutes "A Lot" but I'm jumpin in anyway :)

I probably won't be around much tomorrow, if at all.  LOTS of stuff to get done and tomorrow evening we have to take Jacob to a Knoxville PD Explorers meeting.  Basically it is a Junior Police Officer Training program.  He's interested so Bob and I are gonna sit in and see what it is all about nd how much it's gonna cost me.  His father hasn't paid any child support in 6 months and has made just 1 1/2 payments in a year.....yah I knew how to pick winners when I was younger huh? LOL.  So I need to make sure this is something he can do and won't quit......cuz I will kick his 14 year old butt if I spend 100's of dollars on his uniform and equiptment and the next week he says, ehhhhhhhh I'm bored.  I went thru that very thing with  Now Brandon wants to do scouts and I'm like Ehhhhhhhhhh I dunnooooo. 

No wait!!! I got news I HAVE to share tomorrow! Really BIG News too!!!

So I will cya soon......Im like a bad dream that just keeps coming back....or a Freddy Kruger flick......LOL.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I wonder if I can guess the news!?!?!?! I'm good that way U know!! LOL!! Loveeeeeeeeeee the photos and that lo rocks!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Kelly Massman said...

Great job on that great sketch!

april said...

love your take on the sketch!