Friday, May 28, 2010

Only a few more days left to lift a Lipstick Chick!

Well, not literally.....cuz I know personally I wouldn't want to be responsible for any permanent injuries.....just sayin :)

There is still time to come play along at XOXO with the Lipstick Chicks! Lots of great inspiration and some GORGEOUS layouts there just waiting for someone to lift, copy, rip off.......pick one....LOL.  And if you haven't checked things out yet and need a little enticement......

How fun would that be to play with????? Heck...I wish I could win it!!!!  Look at those shaped papers!!!(swoon)This yummy goodie bag is called "Alterations" and has so generously been given as a prize package by Color Me Miki.  You REALLY need to go check em out!!!!

You have til the end of the month to play along and lift a lipstick chick!! Hurry!!! You even ahve my permission to run with scissors......I'm sure your mother will tell you I am a bad influence but it's ok....I've heard that before :)

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