Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Scrappiest Sketch #64

Hello everyone!

Happy humpday!!! I will be so glad when this week is over!!!! I'm ready for a weekend of nothing but some serious R & R! The kids have just one week of school left.....not sure how I feel about that just yet.  On the one hand I get to sleep late! That's always a plus! On the other I'm sure they are gonna wear me out with the bickering and constant fighting. 

Yesterday my day was spent for the most part playing tool runner for Bob while he installed a new toilet.  Crappy work....pun intended!  Didn't really take that long.....we noticed a couple of days ago that a puddle kept forming around the toilet.  I was getting madder than heck cuz I figured it was bad aim on the boys  So Bob crawls around in there and finds this huge crack in the it....not ON it.....potty humor....sorry.  No clue what happened or how it got there.  But I tell ya, I am soooooooooooooo glad it is gone!!! It has been here since the house was built in the 70's so it was that lovely color called "Harvest gold" EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Now we have a nice new shiny white toilet......I'm so proud! My kids even asked me if I was gonna scrap kidding! Such simple things make me happy.....I'll remind myself of that when it needs cleaned! 

While we were working....ok, while Bob was working and I was "assisting" ,I held the door for him to haul the old one out.....ya'll know that wax ring that goes on the bottem? Well, as he is walking out half of this icky, gunky , nasty thing drops on my show and I totally flip out.  TOTALLY! Why? Cuz I thought turds were falling out of the thing.....LOL...I did! YUCK!!! Sad huh? He is still making fun of me over that.  Pardon a girl for having an aversion to poop! 

Ok......I'm done with the potty talk I promise!!

Remember that little teacher gift thingy I made a coukle of days back and posted? It won the "Yo Teach We Luv Ya" challenge over at Scrap It Forward!!!  WOOO HOOOO! Totally unexpected!! I'm shocked and quite honored as well :)  And I got the best gift of all when Jesse's teacher called me over yesterday and told me how much she liked it. Then asked me where I got it!  I said "Um....I made it" 

You shoulda seen her face!

She said "girllllllll you should totally make these and sell them!" LOL

WOW! Made me feel really good to make her so happy.....and to me that is what crafting is about!  I love the look on someones face when I give them something that I have made.  When they smile it puts a smile on my heart as well and makes me HAPPY HAPPY!!!

Yeah I know.....I'm a total cornball :)

So..........I am going to assume I have either entertained you sufficiently or totally grossed you out....maybe both! You might be a total quack like me.......LOL.  So now on to the reason for this blog post......The "Scrappiest" Sketch #64! The very talented Liz Chidester has an awesome sketch this week.  Well, they are always awesome!!! take a look....

After the lil poop scare I was so ready to relax and scrap!!! I thought this sketch was so cute!  But I didn't really want to use 2 tags.  The ones I have seen that did follow this to a tee tho look amazing! But I just wasn't "feelin it" I guess.  I had one really adorable tag I won way back in Feb during a blog hop....actually it is a gift card holder.  But I am using it in my LO as a cute embelly and a place to hide some extra journaling.

Isn't that just the cutest?? Fits her robot theme......LOL.  I knew if I held on to it long enough I would use it :) It was just too adorable not to.

And here is my finished LO.

What a motley crew we have here......LOL.  This was taken at school on PJ day....remember when I told you they got to dress up in their PJ's all day? Jesse's teacher handed me a huge envelope of photos yesterday...from this day, field day, the zoo, mother's day tea......I just love her!!! This is Jesse and his five closest buds. Going from back left to right.....Jesse, Justin, Jullian, bottom row, Nicholas (the LOUDEST kid in East Tn.......I have stories I can and WILL share with you as I scrap these photos!!!) Aiden and Gavin.  I also have to add right here and now that there are 2 Gavins in the class.....Gavin C And Gavin S....this is Gavin S.  Heaven forbid you confuse the 2 of them!!!  He told me HE is the good one (rolls eyes) and Gavin C gets in trouble becasue he writes on the carpet.  I asked him why he thinks he does that........he looks at me sooo serious and shrugs his shoulders and says "I dunno....I think he might be crazy!!!!" ROFL!!!  I so love this age!!

Ok. Back to the LO......I am on a definate kraft stock kick lately.  I really love it for boys pages and especially when I use the bright , fun papers. I am also into scribbling and drawing all over everything I drew the messy border, YESSSS it's messy on purpose!!!!!! (I bet DaVinci never had to answer these types of questions!!)  I had to use a big old black industrial type marker and I think I was totally wasted on fumes.......maybe that is why it's messy!! LOL.  The letters I have had forever and they are from Daisy Doodles, the black ones are from Hobby Lobby in the foam section....seriously...if you love the look of the foam Thickers go to the craft foam section!!!! For the same price I bought a package that has at least 5 of each letter....probably more.  They do this in felt too......gotta look around the store folks!!!! There are hidden bargains to be had!! The photo corners are Kei and the paper is Hobby Lobby's Paper Studio and Marcella K. The scalloped border at the bottom is from Heidi Grace and I have had it forever too.... And the buttons are just stash stuff from Walmart.

So there ya have it.....never a dull moment with me huh? LOL....wait til summer gets ain't seen NUTHIN yet (wink)

Ya'll have a good one!


Chloe :-) said...

Never a dull moment all right!!! LOL.

Fab LO - so bright and happy and just love Kraft at the moment too :-)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for new toliets!! LOL!!!! And look what happens when U listen to Julie and enter a challenge!! YAY for winning!! :):):):):):) I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that lo..the title work is sooooooooooooooooooooo fun! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Kelly Massman said...

Congrats on the kudos over your project!! Also, I love your layout! so cute!

CraftyGirl said...

Hey Tina!! Pretty excited for you about that new toilet!! I dont' think I could have done the harvest gold color for very long!! LOL!! But on to the important stuff... this LO is fantastic!! It is seriously so adorable!! Love the embellies and the fun theme!! Way to go girl!!
Barb :)

Denise said...

Love your colorful layout. So yummy! Glad you got a new toliet. Bet your kids are too. No more mommy yelling at them for missing the toliet, LOL! Your schools let kids out early! Nicholas still have like 5 weeks left. But there won't be any sleeping in for me w/ my 2 yr old :(

Marlene said...

Excuse me a moment while I stop choking with laughter over the wax ring falling on your shoe.....ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!! I can just imagine you jumpin' and screamin'!

Lovely projects, as per usual. ;) I finally got around to thanking you on my blog today - for that luverly award. xoxox

Emily said...

I wish some one took pics of u flipping out...lolololol

CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [13 May 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

~Christina~ said...

UBER cute LO and YAY for a new toilet :) :)

Fern said...

Hi Tina!!! ROFL about the turds!!! You are just tooo funny!!!
This is just the cutest layout and I really like the way you did the border... high or not it's fantastic!!!
I guess I'm going to have to scope out HL and find all of those bargains you're telling us about... I pretty much just stay in the Scrapbooking section!! Who knew??? Have a wonderful evening, gf!!! XXXXX

Toucan Scraps said...

wonderfully fun layout. love that cute tag

Lisa said...

Love your toliet story! Oh, life's ordinary moments huh?!!! Your layout is so fun, I just love how you made it so vibrant! Thanks for playing along with us at The Scrappiest, see you next week!

Jennifer said...

Such a CUTE layout! Love the colors against the Kraft and that little tag is too cute!!

Jackie said...

You're a hoot! Great story :) Love the LO too, it's perfect! Nice work :)

Laurel said...

What a FUN layout! love all the details, thanks for playing at The Scrappiest!

Monique said...

What a fabulous and colorful layout!! Love that you stuck to the robot theme!!! thanks for joining us at The Scrappiest!!

Anonymous said...
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