Saturday, June 12, 2010

One for The Pink Ninjas :) I am starting this post it is 3:25 am and I totally can't sleep.  At least I don't have to get up early in the morning!! Wait, it IS early and I AM up!! Well, then I am ahead of the game huh?

I'm getting spoiled with it being summer time.  I almost have no concept of even what day it is any more. I just love the lazy days of summer!! 

Thanks to everyon who has asked about Bob....he is doing great!  We have an appointment to go and see the Dr on Monday.  I think I mentioned this was a new Dr.....we went for a second opinion, well actually a 3rd...and next thing we know he is doing surgery.  He found a ton of leftover mesh in Bob's abdomen from his previous hernia repair.....thats why it wouldn't heal up.  Now you would THINK the surgeon who did this hernia repair, knowing he had a previous one, would be on the lookout for the mesh and woulda removed it before proceeding but apparently not.  UGH!  Seriously, this whole thig is really beginning to seem like those crazy medical shows you see on Discovery Channel.  I'm just glad we finally have a dr who listens and is doing something.  He said without removing that mesh the wound would never heal.....which is why we have been going 2 steps forward and 3 back for the last 8 months.  I'm not joking, it was to the point that the insurance company was questioning what was going on AND the company that supplied the wound vac actually had someone come out to the house and visit him and look at it.  And all along the dr was saying it looks fine....but wouldn't return the companies calls or the home health nurses calls.  Fingers crossed THIS time things work out!!

I've done a bit of scrapping today.  Got a DT assignment out of the way and really had a blast with it.  I'm anxious to show it off cuz it is so out of the box for me.  Also finished a couple of challenges and am working on another but since it's night I have no good photos except of this one for The Pink Ninjas.....and it's  They have a really fun challenge up right now for "Mugshots" So I took it a step further and fixed up an actual wanted poster.  Those of you that know me will understand it well......LOL.

Pretty cool huh? LOL.  I played around with Filters Unlimited in Paint Shop Pro and got the lightning effect and the glowing edges. And seriously......I AM looking for my sanity so if you see it wandering around somewhere, offer it a piece of fudge and lure it back will follow you ANYWHERE for chocolate!!!

And while I am here let me remind you that time is running out over at Scrap It With A Song!! You have until noon Sunday the 13th to get your project finished and posted!  I am sooo happy to see so many people jumpin in on this one! I had a feelin :) If you haven't headed over yet, this weeks inspiration comes from Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna have Fun! At the moment we have 25 entries!!! How cool!!! And the prize this week is a goodie too!! a $25 gift certificate to!!! So if you are sittin on the fence about this one the prize alone should draw ya in! And you can't win if you don't play!!!

Ya'll have a great day.....I have plans to go to this cool little vintage shop close to home later today....ALONE!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! I am looking for decorating ideas for my soon to be about that next post tho :)  I will tell ya that I am EXCITED !!!!

Hugs n stuff!


Mo said...

Hi Tina! it's almost 2 am here in Washington and I cannot get to sleep too. Good to hear that Bob is doing better Nd you've figured out the problem.....yikes! Well this layout is too fun! I love those glowing edges And the playfulness of it all....very fun. I am slowly but surely being lured into the fantastic world of digi! Thank you so much for playing along!

Ninja Mo

CraftyGirl said...

Get some sleep girl!!! Actually I am like you... love to stay up late scrapping.. I am so much more productive when the kids are in bed and not needing me every 5 minutes to get them a glass of water or blow their nose!!! Your digital LO is sooooo fun!! I love that you scrap yourself... something I need to work on!! Have a fabulous weekend!!
Barb :)

Heidi said...

Very super cool layout! I love discovering new things on digi! Thanks for playing along with the NInjas!

Christina said...

What an awesome layout!! that picture rocks!!!
thanks for hanging with us ninjas!!

allyson joy said...

Hahahahahahahaah!!!! This is freaking sweet!!!! I love the wante poster action!!! Thanks so much for hanging out with the pink ninjas!!!
{xoxo} ninja master ally cakes

twistedsoda said...

your list of rewards is hysterical, pocket lint! this totally rocks, you picked the best colors and you did a fab job on the photo!