Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ridin Solo....Scrap it with a song! Week 10 challenge!

It's that time again folks! Another AWESOME challenge is up and runnin at Scrap It With A Song! I'm a little behind this week so forgive me.....I had a migraine attack over the weekend and am just coming out of the fog!  Mz Christina is such a sweet lady that she gave me a lil extra time to get this one in and is posting it anyways.......cuz she is a doll like that :):):) Seems like the summer has us all kinda running around like chickens with our heads cut off....lovely visual I know.....lol.

So on to this weeks challenge!

Our sponsor is one of our very own DT Members Angela!! (insert applause here)

Angela, aka Toucan Scraps, designs digital scrap booking and craft printable kits. Her products include digi-paper packs, pdf printable scrap kits, digital scrap booking kits, quick pages and ready to print gift boxes. Angela sells in 3 stores, and today she is offering the winner of this challenge a pack of 6 digi papers (8 x 8 inches) from her store at I Did It Creations (the winner can choose). 

I have been tellin people FOREVER that digi scrapping doesn't mean it is limited to the computer.....Ohhhh noooo!!! Elements and papers can easily be printed out and used just like traditional paper supplies.  With a very cool difference....the file is yours FOREVER!!!!! To use over and over.....very cool and cost effective!! And of course you can just do it digi and forget it if ya wanna too.....I just want people to realize that the two mediums can meld so beautifully together if you just use a little creativity and think out of the box! Digi isn't any better than paper or vice versa.......they are just different :) But don't be scared of those differences :)

OK....I'm gettin off my soapbox now I swear!!

This weeks song is a fun one.....I think I may make another one of MOI using some of the lyrics! The lyrics AND the youtube is posted over on our main blog so head over and have a looksie!

As always , you have until next Sunday at high noon to post your project via the link thing.......that is a highly technical term I use when I can't remember the name of it....hehehe...clever ain't I? What can I say....I was a communications major.......lol.  I had to learn to think fast on my feet so I didn't fall flat on my face ya know :)

Here is my project for the week......late....but finished! I think I got dropped a letter grade....oops :)

How fun!!! This is Jesse at a couple of weeks old......he liked to um....play dress up!!! OK, OK....I did that......this is why I don't have pets, they'd be dressed this way too.......lol. He is stylin in those pooh shades.....totally badass dude!! His little shirt says "I can't even talk yet but already I have an attitude problem" He takes after me apparently :) And yeah he is givin the peace sign.....LOL.  Such coolness at such a young age!!! I used a conglomeration of digi kits from Sweete Shoppe Designs for this one.....so many in fact I can't remember them all. And naturally I didn't write each little piece down. (Bad Tina!!!!) And I LOVEEEEE the Alpha here......this is a perfect example of using something digi on your paper pages cuz I am totally going to use these!!!

So, you feelin up to the challenge? Ride on over to Scrap it With A Song and get scrappin babes!!!


Kelly Massman said...

Cool LO!
Sorry to hear about the migraine! I suffer with those frequently, too--so I literally can feel your pain! Glad you are doing better now!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Soooooooooooooooo love love love love this!!!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee that he is giving the peace sign! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

CraftyGirl said...

cute, cute, cute!!! Love those shades!!!
Barb :)

Toucan Scraps said...

super cute!

Fern said...

Oh Tina, I have soooo missed visiting you!! You always make me smile and this post is no exception!!! Absolutely luv reading your colorful posts, and your layouts are amazing!!! This one is so darn cute!! And look what you did to Jesse, poor baby!!! JK!!! Fantastic job on the challenge!! Hugs!!

Denise said...

Darling layout Tina. Been wondering where you were at. Sorry you've had such a horrible migraine! Glad you are feeling a little better today.