Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Scrappy Sunday!!!

First I have a deep, thought provoking question for you all.......

Am I the ONLY one that can NOT make a recipe for a dozen of soemthing and actually have a dozen? This morning I made yummy apple cinnamon muffins...the recipe said it made 12.  Mine made 9. This happens to me ALL the time!! And my muffins aren't super huge.  If I had actually made 12 they would have looked like hockey pucks and my family would have looked at me and said "Really??? THESE are muffins???You're kidding right???"

Surely I am not the only one.

It's good to be blogging....I have missed it, but I have been in such a funk that ,trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to read anything I had to  I'm feeling better and much more positive now.  I am just wayyyyy behind and need to scrap like a wild woman to get caught up.  Sometimes I think I thrive on chaos and go out of my way to create it for myself....not that I need any help!!  Any country music fans out there? Gary Allen has a song called "Sometimes I think I get Off On The Pain"  Totally my life story!!!

I did scrap a layout this week.....yeah "A" as in "one".  I am seriously slackin!!! Like I don't chase enough blogs here on blogger I have branched out into "ning"  I had seen a sketch I liked so went for it.  You take the inspiration when and where ya find it girls!! I think the challegne is over but I wnated to show my layout you don't feel ripped

As you can see, I felt the urge to journal just a bit on this  I had done this originally for a DT assignment.  But after I was finished I realized I didn't have all the requirements asked for and was really happy with it the way it was and didn't wanna change anything.  Ok, seriously....I was too lazy to change  But I DO love it!! And most everything here was gifted to me by my wonderful friend Julie :):):):)

I have papers from October Afternoon (I totally LOVE ledger papers and bought several while in Pigeon Forge) and Cosmo Cricket's Mr Campy. Also rubons and bingo card from Jenni Bowlin, button from my stash, same with yarn, green cardstock alpha is Stickabilities and the other is AC Thickers....I LOVE these Thickers and will have to find more just like these.

And as you can see I am stiill scrapping Christmas from a couple of years ago......I think I am allowed that tho since I only started paper scrapping this past Feb :)  These are photos of Jesse playing in the Christmas lights we were trying to  He was so adorable :) Thank heaven for digital cameras!!!!

I wanna thank everyone for the thoughts and well wishes for Bob.  Some may not know he was supposed to have had another surgery this past friday. He was admitted Thursday and supposed to undergo a yucky procedure that I won't get into me TMI.....LOL.  I get him admitted and dropped off, in his room and he is just minutes from the procedure.......seriously.....minutes! And the Dr calls and says to hold off, he has an emergency and it will have to wait til this friday. Talk about a last minute reprieve!!  So we get to do it all again starting Thursday....yay!  This is his 3rd abdominal hernia surgery.....the last surgeon seriously botched it and he had a large abcess over a year ago in the abdominal wall from what was apparently infected mesh.  All of that mesh should have been taken out and redone but it wasn' that is what this surgery is for. I just pray this will be the last one. Some of my weight watchers group buddies know what I went thru last year.  I'm a pretty tough cookie but I can't deal with all of that again. 


This should be a busy week in blogland with CHA and all.  Such an exciting time to be a scrapper!!!!  So many cool new things out to put on my wish list and chances to win new goodies!!!

Hope you all have a great day!  I still have more I need to blog and some thank yous to pass out and some cool blog finds too......that gives me an excuse to blog later, even if I get nothin at all done......LOL


Kelly Massman said...

Love it! It's great that you did so much journaling! I love the Jenni Bowlin you added on this one! The ledger paper is so much fun, too! I'm liking that too--helps me line up stuff and it looks so good!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy for that lo!! It is GREAT!!! And I didn't know he was supposed to have surgery :( I hope everything goes ok this week! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)