Monday, July 5, 2010

I seriously need a vacation!

Even with my day out with my man this weekend..........I need a vacation!! One day just isn't enough!!! Here in a day or so I have tons of pix to share with ya'll!  Bob and I had a blast....or at least I did :)  But I did learn a very important lesson......NEVER go to Pigeon Forge OR Gatlinburg on a holiday weekend!!!  Took us forever to get into the city limits and all of the places I wanted to go were packed.  I don't do well with huge crowds.  It's really not so much the people as it is the stupidity and rudness of some of those people and the fact that for some reason God allows them to procreate and bring even more stupid and rude people with them.  If people behave themselves I am ok with it.

I need to go ahead and report that the scrapbooking "super store" was a bit of a disappointment to me. I still enjoyed browsing and I saw lots of goodies that I don't get to see here in Knoxville.  But it was a bit frustrating that there was really no rhyme or reason to the way they had things arranged.  Seriously.  Now, it makes sense to me to arrange it by brand and line or theme even.....but to still keep a line together,  Noooooo......too much to hope for......LOL.  Paper was kinda scattered willy nilly.  I was looking for aq couple of different Cosmo Cricket ones.....the individaul papers were NOT all together...I kinda had to roam all over the store to try to hunt them down.....luckily I have drooled over what I wanted long enough to know what they looked like but what if someone who didn't know much about scrapping came in?  I finally just gave up.  I did find full kits of MME's Lush....its soooooooooooo beautiful in person but OMG it was pricey!!!!!! And several full Basic grey kits.....again was much cheaper to order online.

I had a little lsit of specific things I wanted to pick up and, silly me, I asked about kraft stock.  The sales lady looked at me and said with a straight face......."It's ALL used for Crafting"  (slaps forehead) I kid you not.....not one sheet of kraft stock in the entire store!!!! 

It wasn't a total loss tho.......they had a clearance section that was actually a whole other store.  Again....not a lot of organization.  I found some Thickers and Alpha's, a little Prima, some really cool Sassafras papers, and when I got upfront they had these grab bags of paper in huge ziplock bags...all 12 x 12 sheets of name brand stuff, 200 sheets per bag normally $10 but they were all half off.  So I bought 2 of  I think my total came to $43 with everything I bought, which was pretty good and I had a blast sorting thru the papers.  So, while I did get some deals, it's not a place I would want to shop at normally.  My anxiety level can't deal with having to go running all over the place looking for bits and peices of something I really want.  It's just one of those places I wanted to now I have and I'm totally over it.......LOL.

Our 4rth was really a lot of fun....we went and got our fireworks at the last minute and the boys had a ball trying to blow up the neighborhood.  We did have an actual fire in our yard that took a bit to put out because something landed in dry pine  But all is well :)

And the best part of my weekend........Bob's mom came up and has been getting her stuff out of her old room for the past 2 days!!!! I'm left with a HUGE mess and every garbage can I own is crammed full and we have a ton of stuff bagged and sitting at the road.  But I am going to get my Scrap room/ Girly retreat!!!!! WOOOT!!!  But it's gonna take forever to get it clean......this week we are working on pulling up the carpet and I am gonna see what I am left to work with.  I think I will find a cool area rug and just go with that.  And I am gonna paint the walls RED!!!! Yeah....RED!!!!! It's killin Bob......LOL.  So I am really kinda hoping that by the time the kids go back to school I will have some stuff moved in.  I am so excited even tho there is a lot of work coming my way.  So be watching for pix!!!! LOL.  I am gonna take my before pic later and share with ya next post.  Ya'll will absolutely cringe at the mess.  And she lived like this for years!   I am far from being a neat nic but this is UNBELIEVABLE!! Most slobs would look and go MANNNNNNN!!!!

So thats my weekend :)

No chance to scrap anything just yet but hopefully I can soon!!!

BBL......miss everyone!!!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Seriously??? She didn't know what kraft was??? sad sad sad....but at least you found some good deals!!! And hehehehehehehehehe Adam's room used to be RED (he's a HUGE Dale Sr and Dale Jr fan! LOL!)...... :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Fern said...

Tina, I'm so excited for you finally getting that scrapbook room!! You will be in heaven when it's all said and done, and hey, if red makes you happy, then I say go for it!!! Can't wait to see pictures!!! Have a wonderful week!!