Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Humpday! Silly stuff, blog award and....CHA giveaway alerts!!

Are you scrappers and crafty peeeps enjoying all of the CHA sneaks?  Have you found anything yet you just GOTTA have? I sure of EVERYTHING!!!!!  One of my must haves is Jillibean Soups "Monster Stew" I think thats the name of's ADORABLE!!!!! Especially since Jesse just told me about this dream he gotta sit down for this one......

There was a cat.......dressed in a monster suit.......that jumped thru out kitchen window and knocked Jesse from his seat at the table and ate his 189 corndogs (I am repeating this word for word!!!) Jesse got mad, went and got a gun, a baseball bat and a baseball.........shot the cat who apparently was still eating corndogs.....didn't die (cuz we all know that cats have 9 lives!!!) then proceeded to bash it in the head with the laid there looking at him so he took a baseball and "smooshed" it's eyes into it's brain.....lovely visual.

I thought that Monster Stew would be a cute line to scrap that little dity with.....naturally no cats would be harmed in the creation of that

Geeze!! What goes thru a 5 year olds head?????? I dunno if I can afford this childs therapy  Bizarre!!!!  I have noticed that a lot of little boys this age have very aggressive imaginations.  There is a boy at our church that used to tell everyone he was gonna pluck their eyeballs out and shove them up their nose....beautiful child........I think its the testorone thing kickin

Here is a photo of him taken the other night.....his brothers said he looks pyscho in this one and I didn't give it much thought til

(he has pretty bad allergies, thats the reason for the dark circles under his eyes)

Well. at the moment my little bundle of bat weilding joy is snoozing on the couch....he got up wayyy to early this morning cuz he heard me and a couple of his brothers up.  Today is Matts last day of summer school and I had to drop Jacob off at his school to get his schedule and ROTC is having a clean up day on the school grounds.  So he is gone til 1-ish.  Bob is staying hid cuz today is his no food day....tomorrow we go thru the whole hospital admitting routine we went thru last week.....he can only have clear fluids so he will be a bear!

So today I have some DT projects to work on......and Starting Aug 2 and I will doing my Guest term for the month over at Design Dollies!!! I am beyond excited!!!!!

So nothing really crafty to share far :)

I do wanna thank my WW buddy Chrissy for this wonderful bloggy award tho!!!
How cool is that!!! Chrissie, you are a doll!!!! Chrissie has a great blog called Just Put the Baconator Down!! LOL....Gotta love that title!! She blogs about her life and weight related issues.  I dunno if I ahve ever told her this or not, but she is actually a really talented writer!  So if you are struggling in the weight department or just wanna pass some encouragement along I totally recommend you check her out :)

There are rules with everything (blah!!) So here they are.......

Thank the person who gave you the award. (Thanks Chrissie!!!!)

Share seven things about yourself.
1.) I used to be a radio DJ for a station in Louisville Ky and several others in that area....yeah they trusted ME on air...go
2.)I have bi polar's pretty well under control....usually.....the only time I get anything done is when I am in a full on manic
3.) I once lost 80 some lbs with WW but regained it all after having neck surgery AND dealing with medication issues AND stress from Bob's illness the last couple of years.
4.) My soon to be 15 year old son still loves his Mom and hugs me in front of people.....and tells them how cool I am.....I totally LOVE that!!!
5.)I love to cook
6.)My deam is to have my own business doing what I love.....creating for people.
7.) My other dream is to get my scrap work PUBLISHED!!!!

So there ya have it :)

I'm supposed to pass this along to 15 other bloggers.......but I will cut everyone some slack and just say everyone who reads this is an inspiration to me and if you want this award grab

Ok.......I know I'm awful making you wait like this for the CHA alerts huh?
My friend Pinky is having TONS of giveaways on her blog.  But the thing is she needs 100 comments before she can give her CHA stash head over and check it out.....she is doing one every day and will draw after CHA is she has the cutest cricut cart up for grabs!! So pass that on and check it out....

Most of the big names in scrapping are giving goodies away too.  Check out your fave lines or manufacturers!! I know Imaginisce is!! And Your Scrapbook Stash dot com is too!! Every single day this week!!!!

I will pass more along as I find them!!

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Denise said...

Your son's dream is a crack up!!! The details he remembered in it are amazing. So funny! Congrats on the award! Loved reading about you :)) Thanks for the CHA stuff too!